Go to the Wood

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O, go to the wood, the heart of the wood,

O, go, o'er the mountains so high.

And there in the wood, the heart of the wood,

we'll dance with the wind and the sky.

O, go to the stream, the bank of the stream,

O, go ere the summer pass by.

And there by the stream, the swift-running stream,

we'll stand till the leaves shall fall by.

O, go to the glade, the green, grassy glade,

O, fight, through your enemies nigh

And there in the glade, the home in the glade,

We'll live for the winter and aye

I wrote the first verse of this in a burst of inspiration a couple years ago, the second a few months later, and the third even later. It probably belongs in Legea, but I haven't figured out where or when.

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