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the kaspbraks arrived at the old, yellow tinted ugly house that they would now be calling home.

"i like the old apartment better." eddie huffed, dragging his feet in the bad smelling house as his mother scoffed.

"be grateful, edward. stop being a brat." she shook her head while the movers were bringing their belongings inside since she didn't want the twins to get hurt. they are too 'fragile'.

"now go upstairs and look at your rooms. eddie bear, your bed is on the blue side of the room and elanor your bed is on the pink side." and with that, she turned around and started unpacking their pills for them.

they both tiredly walked up the stairs, sitting on their assigned beds.

"this place is a shit show. i miss new york already." she sighed.

"i know." eddie mumbled then got up, looking out the window of their new house. "there's no pretty flowers outside." he huffed.

few hours later.

"mommyyyyyy." eddie wined, stomping his foot like a two year old when his mother said they couldn't go to the park since it was past five.

"edward, stop being a brat!" he slammed her hand against the table which made both of the twins jump.

eddie then put on his best baby face, looking at sonia with big brown puppy eyes.

"mommy please! we didn't do anything all day, i just wanna have fun. please." he whined, making sonia finally give in.

"fine eddie bear, just for you." she smiled sweetly.


"it's easy to tell you're moms favorite eddie. it's like, she ignores me." el huffed, rolling her eyes.

"i'm sorry. if anything i don't want to be her center of attention." he apologized as they walked up to the park. their eyes scanning everyone there before making their way to the swings.

"do you think we will even meet anyone here? or do you think we will be the weird outsider kids with super powers." he made himself quieter at the end, so only el could here.

"m not sure." she hummed, watching as a butterfly flew between the two.


hayy this chapter literally SUCKS!!! i probably should have a better one as my first effin chapter, but the next few when they meet everyone and start using their powers will be much better <333

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