The Girl in the Tower Chap 3

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The Girl in the Tower

Chapter Three Playing Dirty

The door was yet to be raised and Harry stood astride his broom. "Okay team, we're playing their game today. We're going to win, of course, but let's be brutal."

A loud rumble of approval came room the six players behind him and it was no surprise that Ron’s bellowing voice was loudest of all. They waited to lift off, waited for their cue and the roar of the crowd.

Harry smiled back at them. "Fred, George? This is your last game. Play the way you've always wanted to."

Both brothers raised their hands in sharp salute. "Aye aye, Captain!"

Harry laughed. They did this all the time, even when they weren't playing Quidditch.

Ron sneered. "Yeah, let's give those rotten Slytherins exactly what they deserve!"

Finally, they heard Lee Jordan, the announcer. "Welcome to the last Quidditch game of the season. Gryffindor versus Slytherin!"

The crowd cheered louder.

“Today's game is for the Quidditch Cup! Now let's hear it for the Slytherin team!"

Some clapping and a resounding boooo! filled the stands. The Slytherins, lead by Malfoy, did a quick lap and touched down to meet Madam Hooch.

The door was raised and Harry's team mounted their brooms.

"And now let's hear it for the defending champions; GRYFFINDOR!"

Harry, followed close by Ron, Fred, George, Liam, Molly, and Regina, led his team into the thunderous roar of the crowd. Most of the spectators wore the Gryffindor colors, he noticed, and many held signs bearing blinking words of encouragement and painted lions.

As they did their laps around the playing field, Harry looked for Professor Dumbledore in the top boxes, knowing the empty space next to him would be Sara. He spotted him at last and flew up close, hovering for a moment to smile at the invisible girl. He gave Hagrid a brief wave, and then leaned forward on his Firebolt to take position above the other players, knowing he’d just made himself look like the world’s biggest suck-up in front of the entire school. Harry looked across at Malfoy, who was the Slytherin Seeker and Captain, an honor he hadn't earned, and gave him his most intimidating sneer. Malfoy sneered right back.

"Captains Potter and Malfoy are in position. The teams are ready. Madam Hooch releases the Bludgers and the Snitch!"

The Snitch zipped around Harry, then Malfoy, and was out of sight. Harry leveled his eyes on Malfoy again and this time he smiled and winked. Malfoy looked a bit disarmed.

"And there's the Quaffle! The game begins!"

A Bludger flew past Harry's head and he ducked it just in time. He remained above the field of play but Malfoy moved in closer, never content to just hover and watch. Slytherin had the Quaffle, and one of their Chasers was looking to score.

"And a terrific save by Ron Weasley!"

The crowd erupted and Ron raised a victorious fist in the air.

"The Quaffle is passed to Regina Thomas, who dodges a Bludger. She's about to pass to-- no, she scores! Ten points to Gryffindor! Great fake Regina!"

The Snitch buzzed past Harry and he exploded after it. Fred Weasley saw he was on its trail and fell in to give Harry some cover. Malfoy saw Harry in motion and was quick to catch up, flying side by side. He rammed Harry, who didn’t budge, and Harry slammed into Malfoy on a turn, sending him straight into the stands where he crashed into his own spectators.

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