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the party had already started and the boys already got vicki comfortable with the crew. all in all, i was in a way better mood.

our unreleased songs were blasted through the house and everyone was on their feet dancing.

i was singing along with jello that was the playing through the speakers while different 360 members recorded the boys and i.

i look over to my left and see one of zion's hands caressing her cheek and the other on her waist before he leans down and kisses her.

i roll my eyes, already knowing this would happen from the moment zion told her she could stay in his room.

"that's zions new girl ?" choppy asks me

"nah, that's just victoria"

"where the fuck she came from ? i never seen her before" neviah adds

"we just met her, she's cool, she's gonna be hanging with us a lot"

"no problem, the more the merrier, and the bigger the crew, 360 ?" duane says hinting the rest of the group and on cue they all yell...

"THE FAMILY !" and throw up the 360

i smile and look back around the room, and then look down at my phone to see maggie's been blowing up my phone

i walk away from the party and into my room, closing the door, and calling back maggie.

"hey b" she answers


"i'm sorry for over reacting earlier, especially today, can you come over ? i'll make it up to you and finish what i started"

"i'm coming now baby" i smile to myself and hang up, grabbing a condom from my drawer and my keys before squeezing my way through the crowd



zion had introduced me to majority of his friends and they all seem pretty cool for the most part. i also learned a lot about the boys just by hanging out with them tonight.

zion acts exactly the same when she's high or sober.

edwin has a thing for white girls.

nick is a really good dancer, plus he doesn't wear underwear.

austin is another level of clingy and is constantly on his girlfriends ass.

and brandon is, i don't know what brandon is, he wasn't even around for most of the party.

but what i do know about him is he seems real vulnerable and looks like he can be easily manipulated. i just hope if i realized that this quickly, maggie isn't as good as reading people as i am.

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