Chapter 32

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Marcus Probs

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Lilly's POV:

"Alright, he's coming." Kaitie said as we waited for Marcus to get off his bus to walk home. We drove up next to him and I popped the door open, grabbing his arm, and pulling him in. I roped his arms up to a point no spy could probably ever get out of it. He smirked at me. "If you wanted me all you had to do was say so, babe." He said as he winked at me. I slapped him across the face with all my power. His cheek had a hand print on it in seconds. "Bitch!" He yelled.

The rest of the ride I rarely even looked at him. I watched out of the corner of my eye to make sure he wasn't getting out. He constantly asked where we were going but I didn't answer him. I ignored him which only made him get angier. Good. He deserved it.

When we got to the place of questioning (aka: Jake's houses) Marcus was very confused. I pulled him into the house and sat him in a chair, handcuffind him and useing a bunch of other spy equipment to make sure he doesn't get out. Then we left him there, making him get angry as we waited for my mom to come and supervise so the CMU (aka: Controlled Missions Unit aka: the agency) couldn't yell at us. She agreed with questioning Matcus 100%. We aren't going to torcher the answers out of him. At least not physically, maybe mentally.

"Hey, alright lets get this show on the road." My mom said as she walked into the house. Different answers like 'alright' and 'lets do it' came from my friends and I.

We walked over to were Marcus would be interrogated. It was like a professional interrogation room. Christina must like being a spy to have one of these in her house. It's surprising Jake hasn't found it untill now. I walked in as the interrogator. John and Jake stood by the door. Behind the blacked out window with all the techniqual stuff was Josh, Christina, Chris, Kaitie, and my mom. Chris was doing most of the geeky tech stuff but Christina still wanted to supervise so that no one messed up her and I quote "baby".

I had to start this interrogation sooner or later. Why not now? "Why are you here again?" I asked with a stern voice. "I told you, I want to be friends." He lied and I could completely tell. "That's a lie." I called him out on it. "I'll ask you again why did you come back." I pushed but he didn't care. He didn't want to share that information with anybody. "Did it have anything to do with this man?" I asked sliding a picture of Himbuccio towards him. He wisphered a yes under his breathe before shooting his head up, realizing the words he just said. "No. No. No. Not him." He tryed to cover. "I think I know why." I said and Marcus looked up at me with fright buried in his eyes. "I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. He's going to literally kill me." Marcus said putting his head in his hands. "He can't Marcus, he's ...dead." I choked out as Marcus looked up at me in shock. "I'm sorry Lilly, so sorry. I knew I screwed up your life before, but he gave me no choice. He wanted me to get you angry so he could steal away his agents and..." He trailed off not knowing what to say next. "I'm not sure I can forgive you, but I do understand. I knew most of this already." I said in a low tone.

We waited a couple seconds and I was about to ask a question before Marcus interrupted me. "Do you ever miss us, at all. Even think about us. Lilly, there can be an us again. I know I did some stupid-" I cut him off. "You royally screwed up my life on multiple occasions. I broke up with you because I didn't love you. It was 8th grade. Get over it, we never even kissed. It was just a middle school relationship that doesn't count to me." I said fiercely because honestly, I knew that is what it was to him too back then. "Plus she has a boyfriend." Jake threw in just to clarify. "I'm done with you. Marcus we could potentially be friends and only friends again but not right now. You'll have to work really damn hard for that." I stated before getting up and leaving the room.

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