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"brandon ?" i knock on his door this time

"you can come in now" he answers

"where's your girlfriend, madison ?" i ask

"maggie but she left" he mumbles into his pillow

"why ? ain't today you guys' anniversary ?"

"mhm, she's mad at me" she groans and i sit next to him in his bed

"for what ?"

"because you live here and i told her your not leaving"

"and ? i ain't bothering nobody" i suck my teeth

"she just didn't like the idea of another girl being here i guess" he shrugs

"well i get that, but you gotta let her know that your heart is hers and me being here isn't gonna change that" i put my arm around his shoulder, in a comforting way

"yeah, your right"

"stop mopping around nigga ! i can tell you was supposed to get some action that you didn't get so let's go have some fun" i suggest and nudge his shoulder

"and do what ?"

"anything besides sitting down here stressing over some generic ass white girl" i laugh and he sucks his teeth

"fine" "lets go have some fun vicki" he smiles and stands up

i drag him by his hand out of his room and into the living room where the boys sat.

"boys, brandon over here needs some cheering up, are ya thinking what i'm thinking ?" i ask them with a smirk

"360 party !" they all yell in sync and i remain confused

"i was thinking we go get some weed and vibe out but hey, a party sounds good too" i shrug "i just have one question" i start

"wassup ?" nick asks

"whats a 360 and why ya always talking about them ?"

"that's the name of our crew, you'll meet them" zion smiles and i nod

a/n- everybody in 360 ugly except giovanny 🕺🏻

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