Item of clothing you steal from him

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"Baby, do you know where my black hat is?" David asked walking into the living room. "No..." you said getting up. "Hey!" He said once he saw you were wearing his hat. You hurried off but he caught you and took his hat back. "That would belong to me." He said kissing your cheek.

"Y/n! Do you know where my shades are, I need to go somewhere." Heath said. He walked to the living room and saw you sitting on the couch with them on. You turned to him and held up the peace sign and he chuckled. "Wearing these make me cool, right?" You asked. "You're already cool, now give me my shades you goofball." He said.

"Y/n, I can't find my hoodies, it's like they're disappearing." Zane said walking into your shared room. You were lying there with one on and you put the hood over your head and hid your face. "Take it off." He said laughing. "No, it's comfy." You told him. "Ugh, fine just have it, I can always get new ones." He said. "I'll just take those too." You said. "Y/n!"

"Babe, I can't find my favorite shirt, do you know where it is?" Scotty asked. "Yes I do.." you said. "Oh good whe- oh never mind you're wearing it." He said sighing. "It's like a night gown!" You said giggling. "You look cute in it, just keep it." He said. "Yay!" You said excitedly.

"Y/n, where the hell is all of my boxers?" Toddy asked coming in with just his towel on. He saw you wearing them and he chuckled. "They're like shorts! It's so cool!" You said giggling. Toddy chuckled and gave you a hug. "Why're you so cute?" He asked. You just shrugged and he gave you a kiss on your head.

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