Part 13

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In other people's view, I looked like I was walking towards to where the trash was located. But in truth, I secretly walking to where Riya's friends were.

I mean, why can't I have my fun?

I walked over to them with a smile on my face, innocently.

As I was getting close to their table, I made my move!!!!

I trip.

And fall.

My hands in the air.

A trey falling out of my hands, with full of leftovers.

The trey flips and lands on Riya's friends.

They scream in shock and disgust. They turn to look and see me on the floor. Faceplanted.

I was planning for a fall not a faceplant!!!!!!

Everybody's attention was on us.

"Ow~ Owie, oww~" I murmured as I push myself up. I cover my painintheass nose with my hand before rubbing it softly.

"It's you?" A girly voice entered the silence.

I uncover my nose and look up at her with a smile.

"Hi~ I'm Eve! Who are you??" I (tried) cheerfully asked with a closed eye smile as I quickly stood up and held out my hand.

Just as I stood up, blood slowly made its way out of my nose and continue to trinkle down.

"Whoa, a nose bleed." A student whispered.

Riya's friends stared at me in disgust.

"You! You planned this right!! You wanted to embarrass us like what you did to Riya!!" Riya's friend screamed at me with her prideful finger.

"What's that on your head?" I asked again with the same closed eyes smile.

Riya's friend touch her head and felt something slimy on her and screamed again.

"Ahhhh!!!" She screamed and shook her head and the item moved and landed on the floor. food...

I reached out for my trey behind her and she stared at me with full of hate.

Our bodies almost touched and my head past her shoulders. I grab my now-empty trey and was about to back off with a smile but was stopped by Riya's friend, holding my wrist.

I look at her, confused as she looks at me with a angry face.

"Why are you holding my wrist? I was just getting my trey? I'm sorry if Eve's food got all over your friend." I said to her with a tilt and innocent eyes.

But behind those eyes, there was disgust. But no one seems to see them.

How dare she hold my wrist?? I don't like a bug touching me with their disgusting germs.

I'm a very clean person and a little germaphobic. I glare at her hand and then at her. All everybody could see was my back and long blonde hair and Riya's friend.

She scoffs and was about say something until she saw my expression.

It was dark and red heavy eyes looking at her like a demon. She couldn't breathe as she looked at her.

The students saw her expression and looked confused. What's going on?

As they try to figure out, They didn't seem to notice the male going up from his seat and walking towards them with elegant steps.

Riya's friend felt a cold shivering chill going down her spine and a cold sweat on her neck. She was wondering what she was looking at.

Everything seem dark and all she saw was dark and red eyes. She was pretty sure this was Eve she was looking at but her dark presence and those red eyes that can make you get the chills...

No...this..this is not Eve...

This is a demon!!

I glare at her and I felt her hands on my wrist loosen at my expression.

I regain my emotionless face and I felt her hands shake on my wrist. In fear, she took her hands off of my wrist and pushed me away from her.

I could have dodge it...

But why not make it even more entertaining?

I gasp in 'shock' and close my eyes, letting my body fall on the ground.

But what I didn't expect was, a warm hand around me and a hard block behind my back.

I open my eyes, confuse and look up to see the handsome person with the title of 'Prince'.

"Zen....sama???" I said in surprise as he looks at the girl in front of him.

I'm serious that this guy appears anywhere!!! When, where, why, what, and how did he accurately get right behind me!!???

"Oooo!! There's the prince!!!"

"Waaahh~~ I want a prince to rescue me!!!"

"I'll rescue you!!"


But...I guess this works better...

"Z-zen-sama..." Riya's friend stutters, as she came into her senses.

"What do you think you are doing, pushing the innocent girl who just wanted to get her trey...?" His strong and manly voice leaks out.

"I...I-I...." She stutters as she gives me a look. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I don't like slow people. Eve has already apologized to you. Don't make anymore trouble. I suggest you go take a shower. I don't like trash smell." He spits out and grabs something.

His handkerchief.

He pulls me away with him and leads me out of the room. Before we leave the room, I look around the room and see Lily, fangirling...

Oh dear...

A few walks later, we were in the medic room and I was sitting on the bed with a tissue in my bloody nose.

I look at Zen and then to the ground then to Zen then to the ground then to Zen, ground, Zen, ground, Zen, ground, Ze—

"Why you keep looking at me? Is there something on my face?" He asked me.

I was startled and looked at him.
Damn it! He noticed!!! What do I say..?

"..." I stare at him, not answering his question.


"Why do Zen-sama help Eve? Eve doesn't know why Zen-sama help Eve..."

This is a question that was lingering in my head. Why would he help Eve now? Does he know something I don't know!!!??


I look at him, confused.

Because? Because!!? Just because???

"Oh." That was what came out of my mouth, with a bitter disappointment.

Zen looked at the disappointed girl on his left and smiled freely. He stepped closer to her and his hands patted her head, softly.

The girl looked up at him which in his view, looked cute and adorable. He looked away to conceal his blushing cheeks.

The girl could only wonder...


Yeah...update! Woohoo!

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