Chapter Seven: Eden Club

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After beating the crap out of Anthony, I left the car and were about to go home

Anthony: wait (Y/N) don't go!

(Y/N): get away from me I don't even wanna look at you!

Anthony: look I know you are mad at me for bringing you here but come on you need to have some fun time!

I stop walking and look at Anthony with rage

(Y/N): when I thought you were talking about fun, I did not think you were going to put me in some strip club especially that has androids in it!

Anthony: oh come on bro you're telling me you don't wanna have a bit of fun with technology

(Y/N): no I don't wanna have fun with technology like that you sick person!

Anthony: Hey don't call me sick when you're the one living in a dump horse that smells like manure

(Y/N): well don't come to my house or call me because I don't feel like being around you anymore

Anthony: look (Y/N) I get it you lost your daughter and your wife but that doesn't mean you have to lost yourself

(Y/N): I haven't lost myself and after losing my daughter, you decided to take me to a club!

Anthony: well I thought that would get your mind off her for a bit, I mean you do need to move on lots of people lose children but yet carry on with their lives...why can't you do the same?

(Y/N): why the hell would you think bringing me to club would me forget about my family?

Anthony: because it makes a lot of men forget about their losing ones

(Y/N): well I'm not those types of men now if you don't mind I have rather being going home right now

Anthony: oh come on brother, this is the only time I'm ever going to be seeing you

(Y/N): you can see me tomorrow or the next day now goodbye

Anthony: no...I can't because I'm leaving Detroit tomorrow!

(Y/N): ...what?

Anthony: well I decided to quit working at Cyberlife store and want to move out of Detroit, I can't get enough of this place but for my last moment, I want to hang around with my that too much for me to ask?

(Y/N): ...where are you moving to exactly?

Anthony: I'm moving somewhere in Europe getting a better job there, I just don't like Detroit that much but doesn't mean I won't leave my family without doing one more thing

I look up at the sky and notice it was starting to rain

Anthony: please at least do this one thing for me and I promise you won't have to see my face or call me again...please brother....

I look at me as he was putting on a sad look, I sigh and walk up to him

(Y/N): alright fine I will go to this stupid club plus it's raining anyway but just give you right thing straight, I am not having any time with those androids if that's what you're trying to do

Anthony puts on a smile and pats my shoulder

Anthony: oh thank you (Y/N) believe me I won't do that to you ever!

(Y/N): yeah sure whatever can we please just go in because I'm getting wet out here

Anthony: oh yeah sure thing

Anthony and (Y/N) goes into the Eden Club, as they enter in they saw many androids in the tubes looking at us

Anthony: oh yeah baby this is the stuff!

(Y/N): just coming here right now disgusts me and why are they looking at us like that?

Anthony: what do you mean dude, they are trying to get that sweet ass of yours!

(Y/N): what...what did you say?

Anthony: I'm saying they want that sweet ass of yours that's why they are looking at you like that

(Y/N): including the guy androids as well....alright I'm leaving!

Anthony: oh come on dude I was just messing around you can choose which android you want to sleep with

(Y/N): I said I don't want to have any time with an android I just came in because it was your last day, right?

Anthony: oh yeah sure...anyway let's go to the dreams of wonder

(Y/N): you're sick you know that

As Anthony and (Y/N) pass by the androids in the tubes, we enter the main hall room which we saw androids dancing on poles and saw many people looking at androids in the tubes

Anthony: oh yeah this is wonderful right here!

I shake my head thinking is this is what my brother were thinking off androids when he was working at that Cyberlife store

Anthony: alright dude I'm going to rent for me some hot androids you can do whatever you want

(Y/N): I...I will find a chair that I can sit on until your finish with

Anthony: alright dude, see ya later!

As Anthony went on to rent an android, I went to find a chair which I found one very quickly and decided to sit on to wait for Anthony to finish his perverted business and we could go home

(Y/N): Hmm...I should check what's on my phone lately?

I look at my phone and saw many androids accidents around news articles, one of them being strangle their owner death and others saying one android push off an old man to get hit by a car

(Y/N): ...Jesus Christ....

Floyd: Hey you!

I look up and saw the manager of this place looking at me

Floyd: what are you doing here just sitting around, don't you wanna buy a Traci and have a bit of fun

(Y/N): n-no thanks sir I'm not into that

Floyd: oh come on I mean I get that you hate androids but a little fun would help

I look at the manager and stood up feeling angry again

(Y/N): who said I hated them?

Floyd: well you don't wanna touch any of my Traci so I feel like that have to be the reason, right?

(Y/N): well let me tell you this manager, I don't hate the androids and I don't wanna have fun with any of them because they are not toys that you can just play with, the only reason why I'm here is because my brother force me to come

Floyd: well sorry to burst your bubble lad but androids are toy is the only thing we can see, they are just machines

As (Y/N) and Floyd were talking to each other, two Tracis stop dancing one of them having blue hair with a ponytail and the other with red hair looks at us

(Y/N): have you ever wonder or thought about what the Androids could deep down think about each other or what they can feel...don't you ever think they could be alive like us human

The two Tracis look at (Y/N) and then their program started to go wrong all of the sudden, Floyd started to laugh at (Y/N) words

Floyd: okay pal I think you been waiting too many movies not please get the fuck out of my club if you are not going to do anything

(Y/N): alright fine I will

As I walk away back outside of the Eden club, the two Tracis were looking at me and started to feel something

Traci: I...why do I feel...alive?

Continues in the Next Chapter... 

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