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There are many ways to portrait the relationship between dragons and humans.

In recent times, fantasy literature has explored many of those, finally overcoming the traditional vicious monster that hoards jewels and eats virgins (and the benevolent gods of the East as well). We have dragons bonding with human riders, dragons camouflaging as humans to survive, humans being mothers of dragons, and the list go on. In most of these recent stories, a common factor remains: the majestic, supernatural aura that dragons emanate. Which makes perfectly sense, considering the roles of dragons in mythology.

This comic series wants to offer a "humbler" look at the figure of the dragon while also showing the widest possible ranges of the characteristics it has been attributed to, through the use of light humor. So here we have a human and a dragon living together, no more enemies, no more warriors or bonded in their souls. Just two strange buddies in a modern world, facing their differences together with a smile.

Some precisations about this series. First of all, all the figures used have not been drawn by me, but are figures released under a Creative Commons 3.0 (BY) license. In particular, the dragon figure has been made by the DeviantArt user Alegion-Stock ( and the rest of the figures come from The Noun Project (, unless where indicated.

Second, this series has been released originally in late 2017 in my DeviantArt profile and still continues mainly there. This Wattpad edition offers a cleaned, uniform design of the pictures and an author's comment for each episode. Some episodes will be cut out when I decide their are not conceptually good or original enough.

That's all for now. You won't fall from your chair for laughing, but I can promise you will have some good draconic smile.

Random Van Globoii, July 2019

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