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"happy anniversary baby" i hug maggie before she walked into the house

"happy anniversary babe" she gives me a quick peck on the lips and i guide her to my room so i can give her, her gift

"i got you something" i smile while walking into my room

"really ? what'd you get" she asks excitedly

"open it" i hand her the medium size back and she smiles when she opens it

"thank you b, i love you" she kisses me again

"i love you too maggie" i hold her hand and she smirks at me

"now let me give you your present" she lets her hands trail down my chest to my abdomen

"and what might that be ?"

"i'm gonna give you head" she tugs in my belt strap "take off your pants" she looks up at me and i unbutton my pants, letting them drop to my feet

she pulls down my underwear slowly, obviously trying to be seductive, and grabs my dick, starting to stroke it at a steady pace.

i moan in pleasure with my eyes slightly rolling back as her hand moves up and down, getting faster as she went

"brandon ! tell nick's delusional ass that nicki's better than cardi !" vicki bursts into my room right in the middle of maggie giving me a hand job "and i oop- tell me later, bye !" she looks over at maggie's hand and quickly closes the door

"who the hell was that girl brandon !" maggie squeals

"that's victoria, she lives with us now" i say very nonchalantly

"she lives here and you didn't tell me ? how do you even know her ?"

"let me put you onnnn ! aii so boom right, me and edwin was getting you your gift right, then outta nowhere shawty came in running right through us right, then some dude started chasing her, and edwin told me to mind my business so i did right, then we went to back to the car right, and guess what we saw inna trunk ? VICTORIA-" i start explain before she busts through the door again

"you called me ? nigga ! if you gonna just have shit all out in the open, lock the damm door !" she laughs and i realize my dick was still out and i quickly pulled up my underwear

"my fault" i laugh and maggie stares at me and her with a mad face

"ima go now" vicki waves and closes the door again

"aii so like i was saying, we was like 'the fuck you doing in our trunk ?' and she's like 'ima tell ya just let me stay in here for now' so we did and she told us how her man been hitting her and shit so she ran away and got caught up so she ain't have nowhere to stay now so i told her she can stay with us" i finish and smile, feeling like a good person for giving the troubled girl a place to stay

"so your trying tell me you let a complete stranger live in your house ? she could be a fan ! a crackhead ! a MURDERER ! or worse" she says with a paranoid look on her face

"maggie, she's not either of those, she's just a regular girl, i promise" i hold her hand but she pulls it back

"how'd you know that brandon ? you don't know that, and you don't even know her" she complains "i don't want her staying here" she crosses her arms

"hold up hold up, one, this ain't even your house, two, she's gonna be giving is money, three, we not kicking her out after we just told her she can stay !" i explain and she stands up

"if she's not leaving, i am" she snaps and rushes out of my room

a/n- margaret said 😤🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

but nah this how niggas in ny tell stories frfr 💀💀 (i am niggas, niggas is me)

but the fact that ya made a ship name for vicki and zion- the CLOWNERY 😖☝🏼

but the fact that ya made a ship name for vicki and zion- the CLOWNERY 😖☝🏼

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