A meaning to her life

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It was now more than an hour since Hitomi was seated with empty eyes in Fanelia's Council Chamber, while at the same time, in Irini, Yiris had her fingers crossed in front of her face, also looking in the nil.

Face-to-face was coming to its end. There was one last thing that the general had to confess, after she would finish her task, but at least Hitomi would understand why she had done that.

"My wish," Yiris said, "was to find my brother, and also to take revenge on my executioner. By bringing me back to Irini, my Master showed me the way, I followed it.
One morning, I arrived at the village. Soldiers wanted to prevent me from passing, I threw them away, as if they had been as light as feathers.
Seeing me do it, people came to watch what will happen next. Other men waltzed under my blows, none could resist me for more than a few seconds.
Suddenly a surprised voice called me by my first name. He was a young brown man, whom I immediately recognized, my brother!
By the grace of God, he had survived. He was surprised to see me, alive. At this moment, I would have liked to go holding him in my arms, however I didn't have the time, my enemy appeared.
He looked older, but always had the same sly air as before. After some hesitation, he recognized in me the victim whose body had mysteriously disappeared. My improbable survival didn't seem to disturb him.
Then I provoked him into a duel, betting the right to dispose of my life against his clan. The provocation of a woman made him laugh at first.
That said, he was so keen to silence and and humiliate me publicly that he accepted.
He had his armor and his sword, I had only my stick and my clothes of black fabric, and even so ...
I fought him with all my strength. His power, I knew, my body couldn't forget it. Remembering the lessons of my Master, I put him down in a few minutes.
In accordance with my promise, I couldn't kill him, but I had to neutralize him. I then snatched his sword and used it to cut the tendons of the hand that held it.
Now mutilated, he was nothing.
My feat earned me the fear of his men, who didn't dare to oppose to me, and immediately swore allegiance to me. As much as I saw the fear in their eyes, I saw the horror of my brother, who understood that I no longer had anything human."

Yiris nodded her head, thoughtfully ...

"So, I confessed to him my crime of having renounced my human condition to survive this evening. He replied that I was no longer his sister and I discovered that even if he was always an human, he wasn't really my brother too. He was an alcoholic, a rapist, he took pleasure in seeing people agonize ... He was what these men had made from him.
When the rumor of my taking of power spread, the wolf-men and the cat-men of the neighborhood reappeared.
They had survived for ten years as refugees in haunted caves located a few kilometers away. In these cavities where nobody dared enter, they met Lekan who became in some ways their leader, teaching them to live hidden like him ...
Lekan is a forbidden hybrid, child of a wolf-man and an human, it's an theory impossible, but he was born ... Paria, monster, he lived where no one would bother him.
Going beyond appearances, Irini's fugitives trusted him.
When he met me, he understood what I was, and without asking him, he gave me the command of the village.
So I became the head of the Irini clan and went to live in the caves, where the population was most secure.
Just a few weeks after my conquest, I should have presented myself to the King on the occasion of his coronation, but that couldn't be the case, the capital burned ...
Then the tribes of Fanelia met and sealed a precarious non-aggression pact and took care to take turns watching over the ruins of the city.
It was during one of these watchtowers I met Folken. His guymelef had landed at night in the city. I found myself in front of him, he was amused to see a woman in armor, with only a stick ...
We exchanged a few words about swords, sharp instruments that killed too easily in my own opinion. He replied that they might have another utility. To think about it, he promised to give me his sword when he no longer needed it ... "

Hitomi spoke. The rest of the story, she knew it, Van had told her about it ...

"And at his death, you retrieved the sword. But how was it so important?"

The general smiled, she had almost reached her goal.

"The body and the soul of Folken were separated after his death. As if something of the spirit was inherent in the body which he inhabits, scraps of the personality and memories of the Prince exist in Alexandre. To unite again the soul and the body, it was necessary to assemble the sword which materialized this split ..."

It was then that Hitomi saw the scene where Alexandre had brought together the pieces of the sword and what followed: a condition of trance that plunged his mind into the abyss of his true identity.

"So, Alexandre is Folken, isn't it?"
"Yes, but there must remained one last block, I think it's because the soul refuses the body because it believes that this last one still exists ..."
"Hence the request to open the tomb?"
"This is only a hypothesis, but I think it's empty ..."
"Why do you so want to solve that?"
"Because I think this man came back to life for a specific reason, and so perhaps my coming here had a meaning ...
And if the reason was to keep Folken's memory? I have come to think that I may have survived only for that, so I have to finish my work and finally can die in peace."

The last words of her interlocutor froze Hitomi. The fatalism of Yiris, added to the strange little smile on her face, had something frightening.

"Why die now?" Hitomi interrogated, deeply uncomfortable.
"What I will do will not be forgiven ..."
"What do you mean?"
"You know, Master Van will never open his brother's grave on a single doubt, so I'll have to force him."

A movement of recoil, Hitomi had understood the intention of Yiris. When she reached her hand out toward her and began to tighten it, the young woman felt her neck collapse ...

Not only the general was able to control her thoughts from a distance, but she could do the same with her body.

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