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"z we gonna be late hurry u-" i start and walk into to zion's room to see vicki cuddled up next to him "we gotta be at the studio in 30" i tell him and he nods

"morning brandon" vicki smiles

"good morning vic" i wave before walking out uncomfortably

"why you got that weird ass look on your face" nick laughs

"vicki's been here a day and zion's already tryna shoot his shot" i groan

"as he should" edwin says with a spoonful of cereal in his mouth

"she has a boyfriend" i remind him

"yet, she's living with us right now and clearly is terrified by the dude" he shrugs

"mhm, i just don't want her to get hurt, i can tell she has enough boy problems as it is"



i had been at the boys' house by myself for majority of day since they were in the studio and i mainly stood in zion's room, putting my clothes in the empty drawer zion gave me.

it was now almost 4pm and i was just lying down on my side of the bed getting bored.

i started looking through my pictures, trying to clean out my camera roll and deleting anything cyrus related.

unintentionally starting to cry looking back out how happy i used to be with him when we first got together. but i quickly try to wipe my tears away when i hear the door unlock and the boys chanting something when they came in.

"360 takeover nigga !" zion yells when he walks into his room and laughs

"hey z" i chuckle

"wassup" he takes off her shoes and jumps on the bed "you crying ?"

"no" i rub my eyes and shake my head

"how you gon- i see you crying vicki" he moves my hands "what's wrong ?"

"nothing, don't worry about it it's just old shit"

"vic, if your gonna be staying with us, you have to trust us, talk to me" he says softly

"i'm here because i ran away from my boyfriend" i take a deep breath and exhale before i keep going "he was abusing me, for almost a year now, i been with him for 4 and i been living with him for about 3" i start to cry again and my hands start to tremble

"that's why you flinched like that last night ?" he asks and i nod

"he was all i had when my parents kicked me out, and was all i had until now, my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first love, my first everything" i play with my chain that had my name on it which is a nervous habit of mine

"i'm sorry, i'm sorry you had to go through that vic" "but your here now, he's not gonna find you here and we're not gonna hurt you" he pulls me closer to him "your safe now"

i look up at him, staring into his eyes, then staring down at his lips, how inviting and captivating they were, slowly leaning in closer to them.

a/n- i repeat this is NOT a zion book 🏃🏻‍♀️

a/n- i repeat this is NOT a zion book 🏃🏻‍♀️

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