Chapter Three

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Chapter Three:

Daniela’s POV:

Before I knew it, a week had gone by. It was Monday, the 18th, also the day school started. Within a week’s time, Mom and I had gone shopping and my rooms and closets, yes I have two, were fully done.

My room had a huge king size bed that was black. I also got a couch and two chairs to put in it as well, which were also black. Dad and I got some paint to spice up the room a bit more by adding black flowers onto the already orange walls. I hung some pictures, and it brought the room together even more. I had two dressers, one black and one orange.

My school room was completely done as well. The walls were repainted the same color of gray and the doors were painted a dark, dark gray. I put about two or three desks in the room for extra work space for studying and whatnot. I also got what I wished for, a small loveseat to put in my reading corner that was hidden by the wall. I put all my trophies, honors, and awards on some bookshelves I bought as well. I also put a huge throw rug down that had a nice, plaid looking pattern with the wall and door colors in it plus white and more grays. I had more pictures hanging up in this room as well.

“Dani, it’s time for school, dear,” My mother yelled, pulling me from my flash back at my new rooms.

“Thanks Mom, I’ll get Cass and be down in a few!” I shouted back.

Cassey had apparently met the neighbor. She wouldn’t stop talking about him after she got home last night. She even told me she had the nerve and courage to try to hold his hand. I, like I always did, told her that was cool and just left it alone for the rest of the evening.

“Cassey, time for school!” I knocked on her door, which was shut as usual.

“Okay! I’ll be down in a couple minutes.” She yelled through the other side of the door.

I giggled when I heard a huge commotion coming from inside her room. She never was on time for anything. When it came to school, it was the worst for her to get up on time. I, on the other hand, was always the first one up and ready, even before my parents got up for the day to go to work.

I skipped back to my room and got my backpack. It was just a classic book bag, but it weighed about twice as much from all the things I had in it. I had my pencils, notebooks, binders, reading books, school books I bought from the library, and some other things. When I would get my real school books, it would weigh even more, most likely. I wouldn’t care, though. I’d actually like it, probably.

I practically raced down the stairs, wanting to get to school as quick as possible. Mom and Dad were eating breakfast in the kitchen. We had added things in there as well as every room of the house. The kitchen had a dinner table with 5 chairs placed evenly around it. Coffee mugs were hanging from the walls to make it look like a professional café or something. It was Mom’s idea.

The living room had new paintings hanging on the walls. The couches and loveseat had new pillows and a new blanket draped across it. There were new shelves and new bookshelves in all random places in the living room. There were also new rugs on the hardwood floor. It really pulled the room together.

“Dani? Aren’t you going to eat something?” Dad asked me as I gazed at the living room’s new design. I turned and looked at him as I readjusted my glasses.

“Nah, I’m not hungry right now Dad. Thanks, but no thanks. I got to get to school! I’m taking my car!” I yelled as I ran out the front door, grabbing my car keys from the little stand beside the door.

I walked into the garage and unlocked my Camaro, which was orange; also the one Dad drove down when we moved. It was a present from Mom and Dad for my sweet 16.

I started the engine and backed out of the driveway. I began driving down to the school, already knowing the directions to get there.

I drove down the highway, doing the speed limit. It took about 10 to 15 minutes to get to school. Not many people were out on the highway yet, which I liked. I didn’t like driving much with a mob of cars and transport trucks surrounding me while I drove on the highway. It made me tense and edgy.

I began to slow down, waiting for the exit to come. That was when I spotted something in the woods next to the highway. It was big and dark, and on four legs. Red tipped fur with a dark gray, almost black fur coat. The eyes were blood red and somewhat glowing through the darkness. I slowed down even more to get a better look at whatever it was. As soon as I pulled over, it scurried off into the dense forest. It never returned afterwards.

Weird, I thought to myself.

I shrugged to myself and started the car again. I took exit 30 to go to the school. I was now almost bouncing up and down with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to my classes.

I pulled into the parking lot of the huge school and got a great spot, close enough to the main doors. Since it was way too early to go in or anything, I pulled out my bought school books and began reading about mass and matter of many different things.

By the time I finished the chapter, the school parking lot was now crowed with cars and teenagers roaming around. I took a deep breath and put my book away, and then got out to explore the new learning experience for me.

I locked my car and walked to the main office to get all the forms I knew I would have to fill out. Many people gave me stares and curious looks as I walked by. I walked quickly to the office.

I pushed the door open and walked to the front desk. An older lady, around 60 or 65, put on a small smile as she waited for me to say what I needed.

“New student, Daniela Silverstone,” I gave her my information.

She typed it into the computer at her desk with a quick rhythm. She handed me a clip board with a pen.

“Thank you,” I said and walked to one of the chairs. I sat down and began filling out the paperwork.

I was just about done when I heard the door open again. I glanced up to see who it was.

Another teenager, of course, probably 17 years of age, male. His deep green eyes were barely noticeable from his jet black scene cut. He was tall, and somewhat pale. He wore a black blazer, black jeans, black converse, and a black cut off T-shirt under the blazer.

I felt my heartbeat to begin to increase. I let my gaze fall back down to the paper work. I finished it with my signature and got up. I walked to the front desk where he stood.

I was definitely shorter than he was, probably by a couple inches, maybe 5 or 6 at the most. He seemed to make no move to talk or even introduce him to me at all. He just stood and waited, silent as ever. He had a small smirk tugging at his lips. I wonder why. Maybe because I was staring at him? I would probably never know.

I came out of my thoughts at the suspicious looking boy and handed the lady my work. She smiled, slightly nodded her head, and said, “You’re free to go. Here are your schedules for all the classes.” As she handed me a new sheet of paper.

I thanked her again and turned to walk out the door, but something seemed to prevent from moving. Like my feet were glued to the ground.

A thought occurred to me all of a sudden. I didn’t want to leave the mysterious boy. Why was that?

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