=The Cage=

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Ep 2: The Cage

" Good Morning, Jeno-hyung", greeted the blonde when he saw Jeno climbing down the stairs as loud as possible.

Jeno simply nodded and walked away from the living room - in which he thought a certain someone would be - and seated himself in the dining room for breakfast.

"Jeno-hyung, Do you want coffee or chocolate milkshake today?" , asked the blonde while preparing a cup and warm water near him to get ready for Jeno's order.

Jeno frowned at Bongshik's drinks' options. Coffee?He thought. That stupid man drinks bitter-ass coffee everyday.

Chocolate? I am not a kid anymore. Did he still think I'm 18? I'm legally 19 now.

Bongshik observed Jeno's face as the older boy started to make judgy expressions on his face.

"Umm? Hyung?" , Bongshik reminded.

"Just give me chocolate"

"As always", smiled Bongshik as he pulled out the chocolate powder Jaemin bought when he went to London last week.

Jeno just ignored to Bongshik's reply and took out his phone from his school pants. He replied to one of the thousand DMs on his instagram and enjoyed his breakfast, in which he ignored the fact that it was delicious and was made by certain someone early in the morning even before he would dream to wake up.


"Jeno-ya, I heard you had a fight today at school. Are you hurt?"

A concerned voice entered Jeno's headphone-less ears when he was playing games in his room after school.

Aishh. Voice before body. He sarcastically mumbled when a -now shorter, smaller, and thinner- body entered his room.

He ran over to the couch Jeno was sitting and lift Jeno's chin up with his fingers to get his attention, that was only to be smack away by Jeno harshy.

" Don't touch me" , he gave the older a disgusted look. "You don't have to act like you are worried about me. You want me right? Now, you have me. Stop bothering me and don't ever enter my room again. You are not some chicks I'm fucking around with". He stated calmy with a deadly stare into the older's, who then quicky looked down to the floor.

"Jeno-ah! I know you don't like me around but-"

"Which part of don't fuck around near me don't you understand?" Jeno stood up, throwing his phone on the couch and towering his taller height over Jaemin's.

Jaemin couldn't said a word. He just stood there, as always.

" You paid my aunt the amount of money we can never dream of and literally bought me to serve your filthy commands in which you put it in the name of love. Disgusting! Aren't you ashame? Huh? You know my aunt is that money-hungry that she would sell me off anyway to you so you just have to do this to me? You are just a fucking selfish person. I'm disgusted to you more than I am to those whores I sleep around with"

With a loud slam, the door was almost broken as it found its way to shut. Heavy footsteps rolled down the stairways as fast as tears on Jaemin's cheeks. After he was left alone, his legs totally gave up and the support was gone. He flopped down on the cold floor as he couldn't stop his tears from streaming down until the floor.

He held his aching chest with his left hand and painfully accepted another scratch on his heart on the already torn one.

I am indeed a selfish person. I never thought about how he would feel if I put him in my embrace. I couldn't stand seeing this hard working boy without parents, who lived with his money-thirsty aunt, always using money he made from part time jobs just to waste in gambling. I couldn't stand watching him walk alone in the cold winter, without bothering to take any rides just because it would cost much.

My heart hurts when I found out he was working on four part time jobs until 1am and woke up at 4am for morning works even during exams.

I wanted to get closer to him. I wanted to give him warm hugs and comfort him for working so hard in everything. I used to think it was just a humanity that was showing in a young businessman like me. I used to let myself think that I just had soft spots for people who were mistreated. I wasn't aware of the feelings that evolved rapidly from days to nights.

When I finally understood my own feelings, he was already over 18. I thought I would be someone who he could relied for the rest of his life in comfort. I would be giving all the loves he deserved as a parent, as a friend, as an elder and as his husband. I was wrong. I was selfish. I never thought about how he would feel about this.

I approached his aunt after tracking her down after her gamble. I negotiated the money she wanted just for her to free him and never contact him again. I didn't intend to store him in my cage.. I just wanted to  set him free .

"J-Jaemin hyung.. are you ok? Oh My God! look at you!"

The boy rushed to Jaemin when he saw him coming out of the anger-covered- school- boy's room. Jaemin's face was all bloody red from the heartaching crying and small sobs could be heard. His palm on the left hand had a red stain from Jeno's beating when he moved away Jaemin's hand from his chin.

Jaemin could care less about his physical pain when his heart was about to burst open and shed in blood. As if someone had grab his heart in strong grip and would not release it, the aching became worse whenever he wouldn't stop crying.

Bongshik spread his arms wide and nodded his head. Without hesitation, Jaemin allowed the younger to embrace him tight and comfort him. All he needed right now was a warm comfort and that was what he was getting from the younger.

Beep beep. beep.

The alarm on the phone went off with no one bothering to turn it off. At least, its owner wasn't in the mood to do so.

"Jeno oppa.. g'morning"

A very flirty and chessy voice came from behind his back along with a slim hand wrapping around his waist over his naked body half wrapped in cold blankets.

Jeno glanced at the hand but he didn't move himself away or tried to move the hand away. He knew he was doing something stupid but he couldn't care any less. His body, his value, his mindset - all had been wasted.

His life was sold. And it was to a person who wanted to control him like he was one of his birds in a cage. He never hated a person so much. His parents abandoned him yet, he didn't even think about them once. He had no feelings over getting abandoned. It was more like he didn't have any time to give shits upon getting broken or feeling devastated over a thing. He had to work hard in order to live a good leading life. That was what his initial goal was. He never asked for someone whom we can rely on for the rest of his life. 

The whole point of working his butt off even in the hardest days was to pave his way for himself. But a certain person, an extremely selfish man, decided to pull out his money and stole his life out of his own hands.

He was very deep in his thoughts until he realized a sting on his neck. A pair of wet and hot lips was giving him marks on his neck.

"Do you want to have another round? I mean we don't have school today and-"

Before the girl could finish her sentence, Jeno flipped over the bed and initiated an aggressive kiss.

Yes. I'm very disgusted in myself too,Na Jaemin.


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