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Quintin Adams was a hottie.

It's like he was built in a lab by a panel of pedantic women.

There must be a catch.

Suzi stole another side glance at the Adonis next to her in the back seat of the limo. He caught her eye and smiled.

Dear God, take me now!

"Thank you again, for doing this, Suzanne." He turned slightly in his seat to face her. "That dress looks lovely on you."

"Don't mention it." Suzi gave him half a giggle. "You can call me Suzi."

Smooth. Real smooth. Can she be any more awkward?

When she first saw the-date needed-ad pop up on Craig's List, she thought what a poor bastard. Now all she could think was what type of girl would volunteer herself-to a stranger-for an entire night. Does he think this is normal for me? The add mentioned it was only dinner and conversation, no funny business. Ugh, this dare will ruin my reputation.

Quintin lifted his gaze from her plunging neckline. "Okay, Suzi, do you have a last name?"

Suzi swooned. Mhmmm. Those blue eyes. "Yes, it's Sparrow."

He glanced out the window. That jawline. Suzi sighed.

Quintin returned his gaze to her. "Bored already?"

Suzi blushed. "Of course not, silly." She fiddled with a strand of hair.

Quintin checked his Rolex for the hundredth time.

Suzi wondered if her indecisiveness on what to wear made them late for something fancy. If she wasn't mistaking, they were in 90210. The streets were lined with palms and each passing house rivaled the previous in size.

He drummed his fingers on his thighs. "How's your improvisation, Suzi Sparrow?"

"My improvisation?" Suzi frowned. She sincerely hoped he didn't have some weird roleplay kink. She knew there had to be a catch. I don't want to end up in his spank dungeon.

"Yes, Suzanne. Can you think on your feet?" He looked out the window again. His fingers stilled and curled into a fist.

Was he anxious? The serial dating made her too comfortable with the eccentricities of strangers. "I guess I can be creative, why?" Suzi did love creative writing; it was the driving force behind her English Lit. degree.

The limo slowed and turned into the driveway of a mid-century mansion.

"We're here." He sighed.

Gosh, can he be any less excited? "This doesn't look like a restaurant." Suzi marveled at the magnificent house and its immaculate garden. "Quintin, where are we?"

He placed a large hand on hers. "Suzi, this is my parent's house-"

Suzi pulled her hand back. "You brought me home to meet the parents?" She arched an eyebrow in exasperation.

"Not exactly, although you will, regrettably, meet them." He smiled.

Damn that smile. He was so fun to look at. Suzi contemplated-she would have preferred this deal without the conversation and just the funny business. The dinner was also welcome.

"I can practically see the wheels in your head turning." Quintin sighed. "I promise the weirdness is completely harmless. However, I need you to just...go with it." Quintin opened his door and stepped out of the limo.

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