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"What are you arresting me for?" I shot out.

"We don't have to tell you" the woman laughed.

"I know my fucking rights- you have to have a valid reason-" "resisting officer arrest is the reason- now turn around hands against the wall!" He yelled out.

I was scared

And I let that make me back down,

I turned, letting my hand touch the walls, feeling a dizzy spell as I did.

"Anything sharp in your pockets?" The woman asked.

"I don't have pockets" I mumbled.

"Drop the fucking attitude" she spat to me.

I didn't have a fucking attitude, but they were about to give me one.

She still patted me down, steadily speaking to the men.

They literally handcuffed me.

They walked me to one of the police cars, opening the doors.

"Watch your head" the male spoke, keeping an hand on my head as he put me into the car.

One thing I soon found out

The handcuffs were much too tight


Sitting with my hands held behind my back was more than uncomfortable.

The girl pulled the seatbelt over me, buckling it.

"Let's go" She announced.

The whole ride their they whispered among each other, but I surely listened.

"She didn't actually resist me she just argued-" "then why the fuck would you say that she resisted." The male spat back.

"I didn't like her attitude-" "that's no reason to put a child in hand cuffs, how the fuck are we supposed to explain that to the chief"

I let them argue- I loved every second of it.

I hope them bitches get what they deserved.

We got to the station where the male helped me out, holding my arm gently.

"Sorry about the cuffs- I should've questioned more into it" he mumbled as we walked inside, but I didn't speak.

I was then handcuffed to a filing cabinet, where I rubbed the free wrist, seeing that it was blood red.
I sat there in pain for about ten minutes
Soon a man appeared in front of me.

"What the hell- look at her wrists- get the other one off now!" He almost yelled.

The same officer immediately came to me, quickly undoing it, making me rub my wrists.

"You two had no fucking reasons to do this, I watched the chest cam and there is no excuses" the male yelled to the two officers.

"There's someone here for Ms.Johnson"

The yelling male nodded to the woman who told him and soon Ashton and another man I didn't know appeared, looking between me and the police.

"Is she in trouble?" Ashton spoke.

"No- there was an incident and she was detained, but the incident has been resolved, she still deserves an apology-" "you detained her under what circumstances?" Ashton spat out, walking to me, grabbing my arm to make me stand, moving me behind him slowly.

"It was all a misunderstanding." The guy spoke.

"I would like to see the chest camera video." He demanded.

We were all soon crammed into a small office where he played the video off of his computer.

Ashton snapped to say the least

"She asked a fucking question, she's a fucking minor- you all had no rights to do any of that!" He yelled out.

"We are aware sir, but what means do you have to Ms.Johnson?"

He was asking how Ashton and I knew each other.

"My brother is in the process of adopting her and her brother as we speak, therefore I ask again, what's the fucking problem here?" Ashton spat out.

What the fuck was going on?

"We didn't know she was in the process of being adopted-" "that's still no reason to do any of the things you've done to her, you will certainly be hearing from our lawyer"

With that, we all left, Ashton never let go of my arm the whole walk to his car.

We all got in, completely silent, he sat at the wheel, not starting the car- just staring.

"Why didn't you tell us?" He spoke quietly

"I only wanted to do what was best for us"

"You should've thought about doing what was best for him."

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