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"They had hot water" he mumbled as I held his hand as we walked.

I swallowed, humming lightly.

"And Moana" he mumbled.

"Moana?" I questioned, looking to him.

"Princess" he mumbled out, making me assume it was just a movie.

I sighed, seeing Target.

I brought him in there, ignoring his questions about what we were doing.

I bought a portable tv thing that played movies and we went to the movie section.

"Pick two movies" I spoke quietly.

He looked through them a, focusing to them.

He grabbed two, turning to me with the smallest smile.

I bought them for him, taking him home and immediately setting it up for him.

"I know it's not as nice ask what they have, but-" "Thank you sissy" he mumbled out, making me kiss his head, sitting beside him, helping him turn the movie on.

I sat with him, watching the movie, almost more entertained than Nick was.

Once the movie ended he looked to me with a smile.

"Snack time?"

I fixed him a snack, sitting with him as he ate.

"What all did you do last night?" I asked, seeing him smile as he thought.

"We ate, we showered, we watched movie and I fell asleep." He mumbled out.

That was so fun that he didn't want to come home?

I nodded lightly, seeing him kicking his legs.

"They're nice" he mumbled.

"I'm glad" I mumbled, playing with his hair lightly.

"Can we go over tonight?" He asked.

"Not tonight buddy" I mumbled, seeing him immediately pout.

"They can't know the way we live, Nick" I whispered, kissing his head.

"Why?" He whined out.

"Because they'll tell and then you and I will be separated, we only have to live like this a little longer, I promise. I'm sorry we don't have a lot, but I'm trying, I really am" I felt my voice crack, making me kiss his head.

"Why can't we just stay with them?" He cried out, making me pull him into my chest, hugging him gently.

"Because they cant know, baby boy" I mumbled, kissing his head.

"I want Luke" he cried into my chest, squeezing my shirt.

"I'm sorry bubba" I mumbled

Just adding to the list of things I can't get him

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