Chapter 11 - "Truth or dare?"

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Maira's POV

I noticed a difference in Lisa when she came back from the bathroom. She looked more terrified as something has happened to her. She looked at me and just nervously smiled. I noticed that Dominic was looking up to the door. When I looked I saw a man and a woman leaving before they exchanged looks at Dominic. I frowned and felt someone grabbing my a hand. I looked aside to me and saw Alberto looking at me.

"Is everything okay?" He asked and I nodded as I smiled. I saw that Matthew was looking at us and I just gave him a small smile but he just looked at me and then looked away. Rude.

"No, I want the cheese, young lady." I heard Isaiah say and took the cup of cheese from Emeraude. Emeraude put her eyebrow up.

"You don't want to mess with me when it comes to food." Em said and everyone laughed. Emeraude looked serious.

"Neither with me, young lady." Isaiah said. I just laughed, looking at them. I loved the banter that the cast already had together. It made me feel like we knew each other for years then hours.

"Why don't you guys share?" Katherine asked as she carefully took the cheese of cup from Isaiah's hand and put some for him and Emeraude. Both looked satisfied with the amount they got.

"Thank god, Kat was here otherwise they would have killed each other." I said whilst laughing. Harry started to laugh and the others went along with it. Dominic just looked at me like he had seen a dead thing.

After eating, all of us got back in each other's cars and drove towards Katherine's house. I looked over Lisa who looked still terrified. In the restaurant, she kept on looking up as she was scared that someone was there. Even now in the car, she kept on looking in the mirrors to see which car was behind her. Alberto was busy on his phone, not really paying attention to anything.

"Are you okay? It looks like you have seen a ghost." I said and Lisa jumped slightly. It looked like she was in another world. She sighed and nodded. She moved her shoulders a bit and focused her eyes on the road again.

"I am good. I think I have to get used to the cast." Lisa said and I frowned. That was not the problem at all. She was lying to me.

"Why are you lying?" I asked. I saw Alberto looking up and Lisa looked again my way. She shook her head.

"I am not lying." She defended herself and I shrugged it off.

"If you say so." I said and looked outside. Alberto was just looking at us but decided not to say anything and took his phone again. I looked outside the window of the car and saw that Lisa was pulling over.

I saw massive houses and all of it was just surrounded by green. It was almost like the Sherwood mansion. I guess my house wasn't that far from hers. Lisa was parking the car in the parking lot and I saw Matthew standing there with the rest. Dominic was still giving me those dirty looks and I had no idea why this guy had a problem with me. I don't even know him.

"Finally! Welcome to my house!" Kat shouted happily and walked inside her house with the rest following her. It wasn't as big as the Sherwood mansion but still big. Everyone took their shoes off and jackets, and then walked inside to the living room.

"Make yourself feel at home. I am going to get some snacks." She said.

"I will help you." I said and walked with her. She looked at me with a smile and nodded her head.

"Thank you for letting us stay here." I said and Katherine giggled softly.

"You are welcome. Honestly, do you and Dominic know each other? He really seems to dislike you." Katherine asked curiously. We walked in her kitchen and she took a bowl out. I shook my head. Katherine put popcorn in the bowl and then put it in the magraton.

"No, I don't know him. We never knew each other until today's meeting. I saw him once at a coffee shop and he was there. He talked about my parents and here he was just rude." I said and how much more I thought about it, it didn't make sense to me. I did not see a reason for him to dislike me so much. Katherine widened her eyes in surprise.

"That's a mouthful. Dominic is weird." Kat said and I nodded. The magraton peeped and Kat took the bowl out of it. The popcorn was all popped up. Kat threw one at me and I quickly tried to catch it with my mouth but failed. I pouted when the popcorn fell on the ground.

"You missed!" Kat said whilst laughing and I laughed too. Together with drinks and other snacks we walked back to the living room where everyone was sitting down in a circle. Confused both of us looked at them.

"Come join us." Matthew said with a smirk on his face and made some free space between him and Harry. I nodded and smiled. I walked up to them and sat in between them. Katherine sat opposite me and together we put the snacks down.

"What are you guys doing?" Katherine asked and Dominic chuckled.

"Truth and dare with a bit of sauce." Dominic said and I frowned. He was looking at everyone, except me and it made me feel so uncomfortable to be even around him.

"What does that mean?" Katherine asked. I didn't want to even talk at this point because I knew Dominic would make a comment that would insult me.

"If you skip, you have to drink and looking at some of us here, they could end up drunk. This game will make us closer. I mean, after all, we get to know each other." Dominic said and looked at me. Every word that he spoke out felt as it was backfired at me. Lisa was looking at me and just smiled.

"You will be fine." She mouthed without talking out loud. I smiled.

"Thank you." I mouthed back and she winked at me.

"So Matthew your turn. Truth or dare?" Dominic asked. Matthew laughed.

"You know my answer. Dare." Matthew said and Dominic and the rest started to laugh. How long have they been playing this game?

"Kiss Maira." Dominic said and looked right in my eyes. I widened my eyes when he told Matthew's dare. Matthew chuckled and moved towards me. I felt his body warmth and I could feel myself getting red. I looked up and saw that Matthew was close to me. His lips were just an inch away from me.

I closed my eyes as he got closer and I felt his lips on mine. He got closer to me and I felt his hand touch my head. He pulled me closer and I could feel his tongue sticking my mouth. I hade no idea what I was doing because I never had a kiss. His lips were soft and I didn't expect him to kiss me this long. I backed away and shyly looked at him.

"Nice lips." He said before facing Dominic again. I saw how confused Lisa was but also impressed. Alberto didn't look as amused. The others looked in shock too, not really expecting this.

"Okay, Emeraude. Truth or dare?" Matthew asked. Emeraude giggled. I was still shocked by the kiss. My lips were burning and I wanted to touch it but I knew if I did everyone else would probably be confused. The kiss meant nothing. This was just a game.

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