To the Kingdom: 7

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         "Baby, wake up.." Andrew shook me. Great we finally made it. Opening my eyes I was surrounded by the dim light in a huge gold room, canopy above my head. The details were so persis that i could barely even take in the scene. The canopy was ivory decorated in little twinkling stars. Beautiful. Captivatingly beautiful. Andrew's hands traced little circles on my arm as I jumped, I forgot he was even in here. This room is definitely fit for a king, or soon to be.

          "You carried me here?" I questioned, finally making his presence aware. His smirk shined beautifully in the dim lighting of the room. He moved closer to my body, invading too much of my personal space.

            "Of course I did." He laughed at what I am assuming was the horror on my face. He really needs to stop doing that. Carrying people is just not normal if they are over four. I am way over four.

"You were just so peaceful, I couldn't even bring myself to let you go." His eyes were soft, the softest eyes I had ever seen, why is he so beautiful. I admired his eyes, the color seeping into my brain, the longer I looked at him the deeper I fell. I can't fall for him? Mates or not, I need to understand why I am here and what he was talking about, but first,

         "Is this your room?" Andrew stiffened, weird. Is this not the prince's room? Is this his lover's room, oh my, what if he has a lover. Geez, Kara, how were you so blind? You should have known he couldn't be single, look at him. I bet she is beautiful, whoever she is. Andrew, with someone. Touching someone. Kissing someone. Honestly, thought after thought continued to flash through my mind, like watching a single horse on a merry-go-round. If he is with someone, that might explain the remark about the unhappy Council.

             "No, this isn't mine." Voice laced in worry, he didn't smile. He didn't laugh. He was bland. His voice was honest. Pulling from him I scooted away. I inched myself as far from him as I could. If this wasn't his room, who is this room for? I wonder if this is all for her. Every beautiful aspect of this room that I admired, everything I loved has been ripped from it. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but he can't touch me. Not till I know.

        "Who is this room for, Andrew?" Moving my arm out of his reach, his smirk returned.

          "Us." With this Andrew's quick movements caught me off guard and I was instantly under him. Us, this room is for us... we aren't even an us. So, that makes no sense. Pushing on the heavy chest above me, I noticed his built, strong, muscular body in between my legs. My legs. Which were in too much of a welcoming position.


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