♕Night Three: Part II - Beach Party♕

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The party was an immoral occasion. Yuzuko felt like the only person not in a bikini or swimming suit until she saw Bobby still in his priest attire. "Not too hot are you?" Yuzuko asked him.

Bobby shook his head. "I actually find it quite chilly."

Yuzuko couldn't shake off the feeling that something wasn't right. Her stomach was knotting itself over Bobby's sullen face. "You seem troubled?" It made her think of her late husband, who used to bottle up his emotions too. She understood. Bobby had taken on a lot of responsibility for the wedding and the funeral. 

"I'm just looking for Todd," he said. "I haven't seen him since the funeral." 

That was three hours ago. "I'm sorry." She shook her head. Knowing Todd, he was screwing one of the girls on the beach. It wouldn't surprise Yuzuko if Todd would crawl back to her for seconds. 

Bobby leaned over her shoulder looking upon the crashing waves. "I think that's him surfing." He looked at Yuzuko and smiled. "See you later." 

After seeing Bobby, Yuzuko had bumped into several members of the military who bowed to her like a goddess. She shuddered and turned away from them. She hated every minute of their interrogations and how every one out of ten of them felt it was necessary to pinch her breasts and buttocks. 

Yuzuko targetted the first friendly face she saw. It turned out to be Alfie. She didn't know him very well but was aware that he didn't always get on with his mother. But anyone would do. She had to get away from those dirty soldiers. 

"I really like Christian," Alfie whispered. "Do you think he'll let me do it? How would you approach him?"

"Those soldiers giving you grief?" Alfie asked. "They did it to me too. Some of them thought it was okay to grab my balls." 

"What kind of game show is this?" Yuzuko snapped, rubbing her arms together in disgust. "I swear if they do anything to Sakura, they'll have my sword to answer to." 

"Well, I guess Dust did say that they touch us but not hurt us." 

"I feel mentally hurt." 

"Anyway, I'm glad I bumped into you." 

Yuzuko jumped as he spoke. "How come." 

Alfie's voice deepened. "I really wanted to talk to you."

"What about?" 

"Do you think Christian likes me?" 

Yuzuko shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know why you're consulting me."

"I thought you being gay like me would help."

"I was married to a man. We had a child together."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"It does." Yuzuko opened her locket and rammed it in Alfie's face. "This my husband, Hiroki. That's my son, Koichi."

"Aww, your son is cute. But if you have a husband, why do you have a girlfriend?"

"He passed away."

"He died! I'm sorry. Anyway if you had to choose between Todd and Christian, who would you pick?"

It was impossible to compare Christian with Todd. They were both athletic and handsome. Yuzuko wouldn't know who to pick. They were both handsome, but she wouldn't say she was attracted to either of them.

"It seems like you already got your heart set on Christian," Yuzuko told him. "But...what about Lavender?"

"They're always on and off. That's what they tell me. And he's got a lovely dick too - I've seen it."

Yuzuko's eyes squinted as her shoulders shivered. She didn't see the appeal. Alfie just seemed so innocent with that youngish voice. She wondered if it was all an act for the cameras or if Alfie really did want to shag him. He may have already done it. Either way, she didn't want anything to do with it. 

"Oh and by the way, I managed to destroy a lot of robots today." 

It was the most sensible thing that Yuzuko had heard in a while. "How did you do it?" 

"It was simple: sunlight and mirrors... destroyed their engines. I also realised that asking them questions that they can't answer makes them explode. But let that be our little secret. I guess they don't want us to know that because the show would be boring for them. And man. I can feel it grow." 

She was not prepared to look down. "If you want to do Christian," Yuzuko said, standing up. "I won't be joining you." 

"Say hello to Sakura for me!" 

Yuzuko bumped into Daz Muffin on her way to the buffet section. Her throat was dry. Thoughts of cold beer made her salivate. Her eyes lit with envy at the glass he was holding that went all the way down to his knees. 

"He's a fucking knobhead." Daz flicked his middle finger up at Alfie's back. "He talks a lot of shit. He's just like the weather he is. He needs to stop snorting up that coke!" 

"Coke?" Yuzuko was confused. Do people actually snort fizzy drinks? What was the world coming to?  She couldn't make out Daz's slurred response, apart from the swear words. She was sure it was English, but she couldn't understand the drunk dialect. 

Then he collapsed. Looking up above the cliff, she saw a white robot. "Excuse me." 

The robot looked down on her. "Yes, my dear." 

"How many times does Daz Muffin swear a day?" Yuzuko asked the robot. 

"Oh!" The leading robot swerved its head until it exploded. 

Sakura & Yuzuko - 50 points 
400 robots remaining 

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