“Me too, especially crispy ones with melted cheese on top and some dipping sauce.” I almost drooled.

                “Oh my god, yes!” She ginned.

                We kept talking for a while, our conversation quickly escalated from fries to which movies not to watch with fries. It was really weird but funny nonetheless.

                “This smells…weird.” I said after the waiter brought our food.

Okay, I know it’s weird but I’m one of those people who eats with their eyes and nose before their mouths. If the food didn’t smell and look good, I won’t even touch it. And the plate in front of me was far from smelling or even looking good.

                It was fish-fillet but not the fried ones I expected to have. It was weird ones, looking all mushy and soft. It seemed to be more cooked than fried. It had some orangey sauce on top with a side dish of sauté.

                “What do you mean it smells weird?” She giggled at my weirdness.

                “I don’t know. I just don’t like it.” I pouted a little feeling disappointed.

                “Aw, little Joey doesn’t like his healthy food.” She said in a fake whinny voice making me pout even harder at her teasing, “Aw, you look adorable when you pout like that.” She cooed and I swear my heart stopped for a second but I tried to recover fast.

                “Adorable? Don’t you mean sexy?” I smirked trying to tease back, hopefully I didn’t look silly.

                “Sexy? Nah. You are barely even cute.” She teased rolling her eyes in the cutest way.

                “Oh, so you think I’m cute.” I smirked.

                “Don’t get a head of yourself now,” She tried to sound confident as she took a fries in her mouth but the blush on her cheeks just wouldn’t let her act pass.

                “Are you teasing me with those fries ‘cause I can’t eat?” I smirked.

                “You are the one who ordered fish. I mean who goes to a restaurant to eat fish?” Her confidence was back as she made her point.

                “I thought it was fried.” I whined pushing the plate a little further away from me.

                “Ugh, fine. You can share my fries, but just this once. I don’t want you to starve or anything.” She placed the fries between us.

                “You are sharing your fries with me? How sweet.” I cooed.

                “So, you think I’m sweet?” She raised an eyebrow looking ever so adorable.

                “I think you are beautiful.” My mouth talked before I could process my own words.

                She blushed and looked down. I can’t believe I made her blush. “Thank you.” She said smiling.

                She ate in silent for a bit while I picked at her fries but not too often ‘cause I didn’t want to eat all of it. I took advantage of the fact that she was eating to look at her, mesmerized by her beauty. I still can’t believe that she agreed to go out with.

                I’ve never asked a girl out before and I was so afraid of making a total fool of myself in front of her, especially that we only talked on KIK before but I think it’s going great so far.

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