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I really didn't 'wake up' because I hadn't really slept. Maybe a few minutes here and there. The castle had warm bedding but cold rooms. I didn't have clean sleep pants so I had to wear shorts last night. I grabbed my huge zip up sweatshirt and my knee high socks and went wondering. It was just after 5:15 am and I just couldn't stand to lay there anymore. I needed to do something other than count sheep. After 137 you really get tired of them. I grabbed my phone and FaceTimed Michelle. I turned the lights on while I waited. The camera glitched then Michelle, Vanessa and Savannah came into view. They were sitting at a table.
"Autumn!" They smiled brightly.
"Hey guys. I'm so glad you're all together!" I smiled. I really missed them.
"So your flight got cancelled." Vanessa frowned. I nodded.
"Did you find a new hotel?" I paused for a moment. I wasn't a good liar, especially to these three.
"I have somewhere to stay, yeah." I finally said.
"Why'd you say it like that?" Savannah asked. I swallowed. She leaned in closer. "Where are you?" Her voice was loud. I rubbed my forehead trying to avoid the question.
"Oh my god!" Vanessa yelled.
"You're in the castle!" Savannah answered her own question. I just stared at all of them. I sighed, giving in.
"Yeah." They smacked each other playfully.
"How did you manage that?!" Michelle pushed.
"Listen, all the hotels around were either booked or $325 or more a night. Hannah, Gina, Becky and Mariah all got a room and refused to help me out. I didn't know what else to do. I got in a cab and drove around for a little bit," that was a little white lie but they didn't need to know that. "I finally got so frustrated that I came here just to talk to Prince William since I couldn't vent to you guys. He insisted that I stayed here. I didn't want to but what else was I going to do?" I ran my fingers through my hair.
"You're going to spend Christmas with Prince William!" Michelle squealed.
"I know." I dreaded.
"Come on that exciting!" Savannah scolded me.
"Guy, I'm imposing on someone's holiday." They all nodded a little.
"Listen, Autumn I know you feel bad but Prince William offered to help and I'm sure he wants you there. You want to be there too and you know it. You're lucky to have some where to stay and at least you're not alone." The other two nodded in agreement with Michelle. "Or stuck in a hotel room with those other four." I laughed. That's true. I'd rather be here than with them. "I'm honestly glad you are there. I was worried about you, we all were."
"She's right." Vanessa joined in. "We're glad your safe and with someone trustworthy." I smiled at them. I'm glad they worried about me as much as I worried about them.
"And hey," Savannah pointed her finger at me. "No falling in love with the Prince." I rolled my eyes.
"Don't tell her she can't fall in love with the Prince!" Michelle smacked her. I shook my head.
"Guys. It's fine. We're friends, nothing is going to happen." Vanessa just shook her head.
"Ooo! Foods here, well talk to you later. Love you!" Michelle smiled. I waved and they hung up.

I decided to get out of bed and wonder the castle. The hallway was empty. I wrapped my sweatshirt tightly around me. The halls had Christmas sprinkled all around. I walked by and looked at each room. There were many empty bedrooms and conference rooms. Some rooms had desks, some had tables and some just had chairs in a circle. One was set up as a classroom. I couldn't help myself but go in. The wall was filled with 'graduation' pictures. They never went to public school and we're home schooled so all the students were young. I found Prince Williams at the bottom. It was from January 2008. He graduated quickly. I was surprised, but not really. Hayes was smart and if your home school I'm sure that's all the had for him to do. The picture above was of the King when he graduated. They looked very similar at that age but Hayes did have a few qualities of his mother. I liked these pictures and the memories they held. The room was tidy and clean. The books in the wall were all school books, things I hadn't ever learned. I'm sure their curriculum is different over here, especially for a royal. They had books ranging from calculus to foreign policy to literature. On another few shelves were the books they had read. To Kill A Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice (I've read that a few times, I've read all of Jane Austen's books actually.), Romeo and Juliet, Of Mice And Men and so on.

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