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This chapter ended up really dark thanks to @Sidsadie being with me. We're both really dark and now I hate myself for writing this. It will all be made up for with 'Kavi Kuddles'™ So, ⚠️ trigger warning, ⚠️ graphics scene of abuse! ⚠️

The next day Avi sat her down, saying he wanted to put down the official rules.

The male had thought about them quite a lot. He wanted something that implied respect towards him and others, but didn't scare the bones out of the girl. In the end, he came up with the following:

1- Basic up-keep with assigned household tasks she had throughout the day.

2- Always provide verbal answers. (That is, after making it clear that she would not get in trouble for her stutter)

3- Respect other masters completely. Meaning no back talk or rude behavior.

4- The last big rule he gave was quite surprising. The male made it clear she was to tell him if anything he did made her uncomfortable. He made sure she knew that he actually wanted to know how to make her feel better.

And so, Kirstin went down to start her daily routine of tasks in the kitchen, beginning on the dishes. She tried to hum softly as a way of distracting herself, it always seemed to make the time go faster.

While working in the bustling kitchen she heard the door fly open, but thought nothing of it, people came in and out of it all day. Only when a tall male appeared, towering above her, did she start to panic. The male scowled at her,

"And why did you decide protocol doesn't apply to you?" He growled, causing her eyebrows to furrow together in confusion. What did she do wrong?

"N-no, s-s-sir." She managed to force out a strangled response.

"Drop the stutter, and, you didn't answer me. You're really not helping yourself if you want this to be a quick punishment." He taunted playfully. The smaller girl's eyes widened in fear. She couldn't stutter? Did Avi lie to her?

The man grabbed her wrist when she didn't respond, pulling her along to an empty room.

It all happened so quickly, the male pushing her over a chair, pulling down her pants, and telling her to count before a paddle came down onto her. She gasped, suddenly not being able to breathe. It was not only embarrassing he got to see underneath her clothing, but then she was pulled into distant memories. She was gone, shaking like a leaf, all she could think of was him. Her first master.

He was the worst to her. Turned things she loved from her childhood into hideous monsters, and the constant hits didn't hurt. Everytime she stuttered too much or zoned out, forgetting to recite the numbers aloud, he would start over, what would be a never ending loop until he got tired of her.

Everyone eventually got tired of her.

"Why did you try to run?" the male growled, catching the small female's wrist. "You trying to leave before we've even played a single game?" He bellowed.

Kirstin frowned, having been caught. She didn't want to do this anymore. A sudden burst of confidence over took her.

"Your games aren't fun." she replied, trying to seem confident despite her shaking voice and meek personality. Boy, did that comment go well?

The stronger of the two pulled her in by the waist, pushing her onto the bed.

"You know, after a stunt like that, you don't deserve any pleasure. I know just what you need!" He smiled brightly before she soon began to cry out in pain, squirming to get the much taller man off of her, but to no avail, as he crashed into her with each motion of his hips. "Let's tear up that cute little ass of yours." He growled. Kirstin begged him to stop, but he never did.

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