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"guys, this is victoria, she's gonna be staying with us for a while" i welcome her while bringing her bags in

"how you know her ? i never seen her before" austin says

"we don't know her, found her in our trunk" edwin answers

"boy wtf- this ain't a group home you can't just be bringing random girls up in here !" nick complains

"she needs somewhere to stay and she'll give us money too" i explain and all of there facial expressions change

"money ? why didn't you start with that brandon ! hello victoria, i'm austin" austin offers his hand out to her with a cheesy smile and she shakes it

"you guys can call me vicki or vic if you want but i just wanna thank you guys for letting me stay here, i know it's probably an inconvenience having somebody ya don't know living with ya but i promise you all that my intention of being here is solely for having a roof over my head" "ima be minding my own and ima try to get a job as soon as possible" she explains and i smile to myself

she really does seem like she's a good girl who put her trust in the wrong people.

"sounds good to me, you know how to cook ? because none of them know how to finesse fried chicken and i might just cry if i bite into another non crispy piece of thigh" nick rants

"if i didn't know how to finesse some fried chicken my whole mothers side of the family would disown me" she laughs

"alright boys, who's room is she sleeping in ?" i ask them

"what you mean ? she can sleep on the couch" edwin groans

"nah stop being a dick edwin, you don't gotta do that, just sleep in my room" zion offers and she nods

"thank you- what's your name ? i only know brandon, edwin and austin"

"i'm zion" "and shark boy over there is nick" he points to nick and he waves

"aii cool cool" she nods and grabs her duffel bag

"hold on vic, lemme help you" zion insists and grabs her bags

i already know zion like the back of my head and i definitely know where it's all going from here.

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