Component 08 - Directions

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Component 08: DIRECTIONS

Angon could not have been happier. Of course he was confused at the concept of 'sleep', but it was something he was enjoying. His new friend, Lavina Mistystar was participating in this 'sleep' and she had chosen to do so with her head on Angon's lap having claimed he was warm, and not as uncomfortable as one would think. The Gavin of course had complained at this—he seemed to complain about everything anyway, so Angon just ignored the Elf as Lavina advised him to do.

Gavin was annoyed. He laid on his side, with his head on his pack. He didn't trust leaving this gargoyle-esque creature to keep watch. And he certainly didn't trust the thing to take care of Lavina. He just didn't understand why his half-elf companion was so fond of it! She had even given it a name and a species! A species for stars sake! He scoffed once again and shook his head where he lay.

"Idiotic thing," Gavin muttered. He was just too angry to allow himself to fall into a meditation, let alone a comfortable sleep.

On the other side of the camp, Lavina mumbled something in her sleep. Angon couldn't quite tell what she was saying, but he imagined that she was speaking to him, telling him she enjoyed his company, that she wanted to adventure with him forever. The girl mumbled again, and this time it was easier to understand, and he wished he hadn't.

"Daneel," she whispered, "Oh Daneel you brought me flowers."

Angon wanted to jump up off of his feet and run. He wanted to run far and never look back. But he didn't understand why, and even more so why would she wanted to see a Daneel! Why would he bring her something that grew from the ground? That seemed odd!

"What is a Daneel?"

Angon said, his voice low.

Still, Gavin heard this, so the Elf sat up and stared across the fire at Angon, who looked at him.

"You really don't get it do you?" Gavin asked.

"No, I do not," Angon replied honestly.

"Daneel is a Sol Elf," Angon said, "Like me in a way."

"So he is a friend of Lavina?" Angon asked.

"No," Gavin replied, "He doesn't even know she exists—he looks straight through her."

"But she is not invisible," Angon argued, "I can see her, and you can as well."

"Not literally," Gavin sighed and shook his head.

"I do not understand," came the Forge's reply.

"I am not surprised," Gavin said, "What I mean is he doesn't talk to her; he never has."

"Then who is he?" Angon asked.

"He is the son of the head councilman," Gavin explained, "He only likes full-blooded Elven women. So he will never liked Lavina. She wastes her time chasing him."

"I do not like this Daneel," Angon said, shaking his head.

"Finally!" Gavin smiled, "Something we have in common interest."

"You find that strange?" the Forge asked.

"Of course, since the first time you spoke, you annoyed me to no end," he replied.

"Do I still annoy you?" Angon asked, wondering if he had said something to change this.

"A little less," Gavin nodded, and held up his fingers, pinching them together, "But just a little."

This statement made Angon smile—just a little.


Budge and Weiggs came to a stop and stared at the burly, blue-bearded Dwarf. The shorter, but broad-shouldered Orc looked up at his tall, thin companion.

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