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"I guess he can stay- but only one night and if he gives you guys trouble you have to call me immediately-" "we're trained professionals at taking care of children"

I couldn't say no.

How the hell could I deny I set up that was that well thought out?

So I walked Nick home, continually asking

"You sure you want to leave sissy?"
"You don't want to stay home?"

Praying he would change his mind, but he never did.

So I packed him an outfit for night and the next day, packing his teddy bear and a few things he might want.

And then I held his hand, walking him back to the hospital.

I brought him straight to where Luke told me to- which I soon realized what his office.

"Hey!" Luke smiled immediately.

I smiled back.

We immediately traded phone numbers and I made him share his locations with me.

"He doesn't like to sleep alone- he likes water before bed, but not too much. No sugar before bed, at all. He has all of his stuff including his medicines in here, he takes his medicines every night ten minutes before dinner-" "you know I'm his doctor right, like I told you this" Luke laughed out lightly.

"You're right" I sighed, knowing I was just freaking myself out.

"I'll text you every minute, I'll send you pictures, I'll send your our address, and if you get any bad feelings I'll even bring him home to you, you have nothing to worry about, he loves us and we love him- obviously" Luke laughed out, nodding to Ashton, who was holding Nick, spinning in a circle- making laughter erupt from both of them.

Seeing them all smiling relieved me slightly.

I knew they wouldn't hurt him, but there's some incidents that are unavoidable, I didn't want anything happening to my little brother.

"You sure you don't want to stay? We'll stay up and watch movies, play board games-" "I have a lot of homework to catch up on, thank you though" I mumbled out, looking to Nick, who smiled adorably, something I hadn't seen from him in awhile.

"Give me hugs, bubba" I breathed out, bending and letting him run into my arms.

"Thank you sissy" He exhaled.

"Just be good, okay?" I spoke, kissing his cheek before pulling away, running my fingers through his hair lightly.

"Meet here in the morning?" I asked.

"Sure" Ashton shrugged out, smiling towards Nick, who was an excited mess.

"Okay- well I will see you all then" I mumbled out, sending a silent prayer that nothing would happen.

I hugged Nick once more before leaving, walking home, deciding not to cook, saving the food for when Nick would be here.

As I laid in bed I got a text from Luke

It was a picture of Nick in the car between Ashton and another male I had never met

He was smiling widely, his hand resting on Ashton's arm

He hasn't stopped talking❤️

I laughed lightly at the message, typing a quick response

Good luck putting him to sleep tonight xx

I started doing homework- feeling successful at how much I was able to accomplish without Nick stopping me every few minutes.

Before I knew it- I received another text.

I saw a picture of a sleeping Nick, who appeared to be laying on Luke's check, wrapped in a blanket and pajamas.

I immediately felt sad at the picture

I missed him.

Fell asleep watching Moana, didn't even get to see the ending :(

How was I supposed to convince Nick to love our life as much when he was experiencing that?

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