Part 12

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The doors open and the students rush out of the room. As for me, I hold hands with Lily and walk out of the room like a normal person.

I wouldn't want to run again after what happen this morning when I couldn't stop running.

"Do Eve like Sweets?"


"Do Eve like Sports?"


"Do Eve like Dogs?"


"Do Eve like Lily?"


Here I was..

In the wild hall...(ah? It's empty??)

Holding onto Lily's hand like I am never going to let go of it.

"Eve like Lily!" I said as I rubbed my face of hers and kissed her check as she aw'd and pat my head.

I know Lily is my friend but she's more like a mom. To me, she's special. She was the first person I've met when I came here. Without her, I don't even know what would happen to me.

We head for lunch as we unnoticed the stares of disbelief at what they just heard.

With a bright smile, I enter the cafeteria in a speed of light. Right now, I don't care about the stares but the food that was filling my nose.

It's sweet aroma!!! Kyaaaa!!! I can't wait to eat you!!! Today, god has blessed me with delicious food!! I shall now accept it with gratitude!!!

Hey! That rhymes!!!

With a tray in my hand, I was swaying side to side as I eyed the food with big yellow stars!

"Is...she okay?"

"Are you stupid? She has idiot coo coo problems!! Why did she come to school if she is so stupid...tch!"

"I know right? Riya should just only come to school. But the stupid, jealous, attention wanting, ugly, two faced younger sister, decides to be a lotus and sprain her older sister's leg! Poor Riya..."

Although half of the people forgotten what happened, that's jut only half. The other half still criticizes you.

I wish I could punch their pretty faces!!! They should thank me after because after I send them to Santa Claus, they will look prettier.

Ah! I can't handle it! I must make the first move.

Those who talk back to me, shall have their tongue cut off.

I thank the lady who gave me the delicious food. As I walk to an empty table and eat, I was making a plan in my mind and smiled devilishly while drinking my milk.

Yes. Milk. I got to get taller!!!!

That's my goal for this year!!!

In the distance, of course. You don't have to guess who it is. Its the tall, handsome, Zen-sama, Who has a titled named, Prince or Mr. Prince.

Zen's lips curved up a little but then returned back into his normal cold statue as he saw his annoying friend looking at him with a 'did you just fucking did that' face.

Zen pretending to not see his face, looks back at the girl who was smirking freely as she takes her trey and walks up to take her trey away.

His friend, getting interested at what his famous friend is looking at, decides to look at what is entertaining him.

His eyebrows furrowed as he saw the rumored two-faced, yet alluring girl walking with a trey full of other leftovers in her hands.


Why is Zen looking at her? She's nothing special...

What the girl does next, leaves him speechless.



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