Reuniting Pt.2💕

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* Taina POV*
I'm so happy ben came, after being in walmart for 2 hours getting way more then food & then so much food i had to rush home drop these things off & get to the airport for my family♥️, Pulling up to the house ben told me he would take everything in & go pick up my family while i got everything settled i was so grateful for him at times like this. I can't believe it took ben 30 minutes to bring everything i had gotten so much stuff i tried to help him but he wouldn't let me, he left almost 10 minutes ago to go to the airport, here i was getting everything ready for them to be here before i heard a knock on the door startling me, who could that be? i thought to myself " Open the door Tay it's me kentrell i heard the devil himself say before i went to the door opening it slowly" Yes kentrell how can i help you? I didn't come over here to fight you or argue i came to apologize about my friend i let her know we wasn't doing that with you so next time you see her it shouldn't be a problem, he said looking me dead in my face, Thanks for the apology you could have called from sheronda phone honestly you didn't have to go all out ya way coming here it didn't bother me i actually forgot about it but i accept it, is that all? i asked still trying to put everything away" Yes it's more, is it anything going on with you & ben? he asked me with a serious face, i laughed it off before speaking" kentrell ben is your bestfriend, he's my baby godfather you sent him to check on me & he's just doing what you asked & the proper way i don't look at ben like that only as a over protective brother so no there's nothing going on besides what you sent him to do. He let out a deep breath okay then i trust what you saying and trust he wouldn't do that, i guess that's all i'll get going now he said standing up, no you can actually finish putting all this stuff away while i sit down! thank you baby daddy i said smiling before walking over to my living room.
*1 hour later*
I woke up hearing noises not realizing i dozed off, i opened my eyes seeing everyone watching me sleep i rubbed my eyes before laughing " y'all are really creeps why are ya watching me sleep, kentrell answered first you just looked so peaceful we didn't wanna wake you so instead we watched you til you got up on ya own. I lift myself up getting up to hug my mom & my sister, where's aliyah? she's out there on the porch with the boy that picked us up my sister replied, i smiled aw ben would be nice for her💚 well make yourselves at home, do ya wanna go out for dinner it's already 7pm we still got time to get ready& go i just need to change my pants are a lil to tight i said standing up getting ready to walk upstairs with kentrell on my heels, i looked back once we got in my room i don't wanna tell my mom that we're not together cause then she would make me come back to BR & i don't want that for my baby but you know i'm not legal, so don't tell her anything, you not taking my baby back down that road i can move ya momma out here if you want he said catching a attitude now! there's no need to catch an attitude remember you said this wasn't your baby? so why wouldn't i be able to move again? i asked being petty, he walked over to the door slamming it walking towards where i was by the bed, i moved back with him standing directly over me, you really wanna make me mad is that what you want to do with everybody downstairs? he asked with a serious face, i didn't have time to fight with kentrell, i got up trying to walk past him but he just grabbed my arm, pushing me back on the bed not letting me out his grip, kentrell can you let me go & not do this today; i said just before ben walked in the room"everything okay? he asked looking worried, kentrell just held my arm with the same tight grip, neither one of us answered ben, Kentrell can you let me go?! he looked at me before letting my arm go & walking away. I don't know what's gotten into him i want the kentrell i use to have back, im not going to keep doing this with him especially while i'm pregnant, i really want to take a vacation, i'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow is it safe for me to just until i'm 8months" You alright sis? Ben asked me still standing there by the door, Yes ben i'm okay thanks i just want to change my pants so we can go out to dinner i won't be long but i am okay thanks for coming when you did & thanks for asking!
* Kentrell POV*
I was sitting downstairs in the kitchen before ben came down giving me a death glare, you really need to chill the fuck out with that shit if you trying to express something to her that ain't the fucking way you gon have that girl scared of you or to even deal with you, & you doing that to her while she pregnant she ain't gon ever forgive you if you keep up bruh! you ain't gotta be with her to still show her the love & affection you use to, aye say i don't know what's up with you but fix it & fast ben said before walking out leaving me in deep thought. I was really scared of blowing up after this all i wanted it came with to much & i was tryna run from it but i was just putting myself in bad situations with the wrong people & i didn't know how to fix it. We're ready to go" Taina said taking me out my thoughts we walked out & got in her range rover, I'm driving, she's in the passenger everybody else is in the back, Well where are we going to eat at? what you craving i looked over at taina who wouldn't look at me, i can't believe i keep hurting her but i claim i want to be with her so much i'm scaring her away & making her scared of me, Lets go to that new seafood/soul food place down by the boardwalk Ben spoke up" Okay that's fine with y'all? everybody agreed. I typed it in the Gps before pulling out & turning on some music, everything ben said really had me in my thoughts, i reached my hand over slowly grabbing Taina's before massaging her palm, i really missed doing everything with her & being around her, Not even noticing we were pulling up to the restaurant that was fast but then again i was all in my thoughts, I parked the car with everyone getting out walking into the place" Table for 6 i said right before being seated in the back it was nice & warm back here, we sat down & everybody engaged in conversation before i decided to speak up, I looked at her mom" How would you like to move out here? i'm pretty sure Taina wants you around more now that she's pregnant & she's not sure if she can travel and i'm a lil scared for her to go back to BR & the wrong people find out & come after her because she's mine. I actually thought about it that's why i'm up here i came house hunting, i want a better environment for her sister & myself, i wasn't going to tell her yet but since you asked here we are her mom said smiling, & Meeeeee? your bestie i'm moving up here with you, i wanna move in with you if that's okay? her bestfriend asked her excitedly, ofc that's okay i been waiting forever for this, & mom you can move in also til you find something it's more then enough room for you guys to have ya own room each " Taina said smiling wide, i love when she's happy♥️ it does something to me inside i wish i can bring more of that out of her, We all finish talking til the waiter brought over our food, it actually came out fast being as though we ordered 15minutes ago. I looked over at Tay, you want food to go, or you gon get up in the middle of the night and cook something? She looked at me smiling i'll just take food to go, i put my hand up calling the waitress over" she wanna take food to go if that's fine, yes she said right before taking Tay's order, after 30 minutes everybody was done eating & we were just waiting for tay food to go, she damn near ordered for 3 people, This one is on me so ya good put ya wallet away ma, i looked at Tay mom pulling out her pocket book, the food & bill came, we was finally done i was tired but i had a studio session to attend so i'll drop them off & keep it going.
Once I pulled up to the house letting everyone out, Taina stayed behind well took her time getting out, so i guess i'll see you later kentrell? she asked, i'll be back tonight once i leave the studio pass me the house keys i told he & she did just that, even though we're putting on a front for her mom i really want us to be something i thought more to myself" you know what your doing to me is not going to get us anywhere far relationship & friendship wise? she said to me taking me out my thoughts, i know everybody keeps telling me this but i'm just dealing with so much other shit so it's mixing but i love you gorgeous go in, we'll talk later♥️.

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