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two days later

It was three in the morning

Nick was up and screaming and crying

"Nick, you have to talk to me and tell me what hurts" I almost begged, my own self beginning to panic.

"My chest hurts" he screamed out.

He didn't have to say another word

I ran with him.

Luckily, the hospital wasn't far.

I ran through the ER doors, panicked and out of breath.

"Help" I spoke to the first nurse I saw, whose eyes locked to my gasping and sobbing brother.

"He just says his chest hurts" I explained quickly as she took him from my arms.

"Stay here." She spoke firmly, running with my sobbing brother- who now wanted me.

I paced the small area, panicking over everything.

Within an hour I saw a doctor coming towards me, locking eyes with me

"You're here for Nick Johnson?" He questioned.

"Yes" I nodded slowly.

"Is there an adult I can talk to-" "no, he's at work." I lied.

The doctor sighed lightly, motioning for me to sit with him.

Don't tell me my brother is dead.

I sat slowly, seeing him focus towards me.

"Nick is your brother?" He questioned.

"Yes" I spoke quickly, trying to make him talk faster- wanting to know everything now.

"There's nothing critically wrong with your brother, he had an anxiety attack and we've sedated him and calmed him down, but that's not good for his age." He spoke lightly.

"We went ahead and drew some blood and gave him a thorough work up- your little brother doesn't have enough nutrition for his body to function properly, luckily it isn't bad yet, but the more he grows the worse it will be" he spoke slowly.

I let my knee shake lightly.

"So my question is, is he eating okay? Does he throw up? Is he ever sick before or after eating?" The doctor asked slowly.

"No- he eats perfectly fine" I spoke, not lying- he never got sick, he always ate his food"

"Okay- well this could just be a nutritional issue with his body, I'm going to put him on supplement pills, this will increase his metabolism so just make sure you're feeding him enough to satisfy him" he spoke slowly.

"Okay, thank you" I mumbled out.

"You can follow me to his room, I'll take his IV out and you can sign the discharge papers and take him home" the doctor spoke swiftly.

I followed him, where he took the IV out of sleeping Nick's arm. As he did this, a nurse brought me papers which I signed, looking to the amount that I would soon have to pay through the mail


For an IV.
And medicines.

I exhaled, handing it back to her- feeling almost lightheaded at the thought of spending that much money.

"And he's all yours" the doctor smiled.

"Thank you so much" I smiled, carefully picking him up.

Nothing more was said.

I carried Nick's sleeping body home- paranoid that I was walking at night, but not having many options.

I got home, putting Nick in bed, going into the living room and falling onto the couch, sitting in the dark, cold house.

I let tears fall down my face freely.

My life fucking sucked.

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