going to a school run by the biggest bitch ever.. will you help me<3

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new story i quit my last 1 so i wanna try again lol XD.......................................................



"shut up" i yelled at my alarm clock while turning over in my bed so that i could turn it off. much better i thought to myself as i relaxed back into bed, "CAITLIN get down here your going to be late to your first day!" my mum yells up to me, "cant i start school tomorrow?" i ask already knowing the answer "no, now get your ass downstairs" okay mum."i say as i get up and walk over to my closet. "mummmm!" "yeah caitie" "do you know where my stockings are?" "no, and you shouldnt be wearing them any way theyve got holes all up the legs" "i know thats why im wearing them" " caitlin, i dont want you getting in trouble on your first day of school do you not remember why we had to move" " yeah yeah cause i wouldnt wear the right uniform" "thats right and your not going to get in truble for that here, okay?" "yeah yeah, fine mum i'll be good" "good, now get dressed" "yup" i say as i pull out my schools hideous uniform the skirt goes to litterally below my knees and there tops are basically a white seethrouh button up blouse with there school logo eblazened on the left breast pocket. ahhh i just lovee new school uniforms (note the sarcasm) i think as i roll up my school skirt to make it shorter when im finished its just around mid thigh and the shirt hmmm maybe two buttons undone uhuh thats good theres just enough cleavage to show the guys and not enough to have people calling me a slut now for my shoes they said that i couldnt wear any bright colours so i guess that means my pink laces are a nono oooh i know my dark purple ones and my shoes with the stamps sewn on man i love flirt there shoes are my life, just as i finish getting dressed my phone starts blaring out transatlanticism i run over to pickup my phone and check the caller i.d cool its my best mate libby from over in sydney.

me: hey libby

libby: hey howd you no it was me

me: caller id

libby: oh i forgot bout that lol

me: sooo whatd you want

libby: oh just to wish you luck on your first day of rossmoyne!

me: do not remind me i havent even gone and i already hate there school

libby: really how come

me: there uniform is hideous the principal is the biggest fucken hypocritical dik there eva was

libby: naww dont worry just ignore the dickheads

me: ill try

libby: anyhoose goodluck at skool talk to yah lata byee

me: yeh byeee

after that i hung up feeling alot better about going to school soi ran downstairs and made myself some cheese on toast while my mum ate bacon and eggs i know shes just trying to get me to eat some meat shes worried ill get iron defficiancy or something "mum you do know that whatever you do im not gonna stop being a veggie" " i dont know what your talking about" "sure you dont, anyway i gotta get to school cyaa" "bye hun" my mum calls out after me luckily its only a half hour bike ride so i grab my bike and ride out along shelley riveron my way to school i saw a bunch of dolphins and i was just thinking ohmygosh i didnt know there were dolphins here and watching them on my way to school so when i finaly go to school i was ten minutes late "hello do you have a reason for being late' the lady behind the desk asked me " no sorry i just got lost on my way here its my first day of school" i replied "oh thats alright hun do you have everything you need do you know where your classes are" "umm no sorry i dont know where my classes are" " dont worry about it whats your first class today do you know?" "umm just let me check my tometable" "okay hun" i pulled ouy my time table and its week two cause i gotta week off of school cause i was kicked out umm tuesday period 1 french with miss tenoh "umm i have french with miss tenoh" "oh thats good i know a young lady in that class that can show you around" "okay thankyou" i say going and siitting down on one of the couches they have their for the parents waiting for their kids.

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