Chapter 4 Tired?

    "Do you know his name?" I smiled as we got there "yeah it's Peter Parker I think." He chuckled "Ok well do you know what he looks like?" I nervously laughed "You know  he's tall short brown hair skinny." He face palmed himself "That helps babe." "Well lets ask him." I pointed to a young boy.

  "Excuse me?" I asked softly as he turned to me "How may I help you?" "Yes do you know where Peter Parker lives?" He smiled brightly "Actually I'm Peter Parker." I was shocked "You're Peter?" He nodded "yeah who are you?" I began to stutter "I-I-I-it's me Andrew your sister." His eyes widen "Andrew?"

      I nodded "Yeah I know you don't want to see me but I had too." He rubbed his neck "no I wanted to but I have been so busy with school." I smiled and threw my arms around his neck tightly crying in happiness "Why are you crying?" Clint answered happily "She's happy." Peter held me tightly as Clint phone went off.

       Clint groaned as he shut it "fury wants us to be back at base." I pulled back and kissed Peter's cheek and yelled as we left "Peter! I want to meet Gwen and please invite me to your graduation!" He laughed "I will!" I was so happy my life is complete. I turned around and hugged Clint "Thank you, thank you Clint!"

       "You don't have to thank me. I just want you to be happy." I yawned rubbing my eyes "Sleepy?" I nodded lying my head on his chest "Night Clint." He chuckled "Night babe." I giggled "I like it when you call me that." Then I drifted asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with wet tears. I immediately looked down seeing Clint lightly snoring on my breast.

      A smile rose on my lips and I gently ran my fingers through his short bronze soft silly hair. Then I began to brush his cheekbones with the back on my hand. After the sun had came up he woke up smiling "Morning." I kissed his nose. "Morning babe how was your sleep?" "Good." I responded lying through my teeth.

      "Are you sure?" He sat up and laid hand on my cheek. I nodded as he smirked "Are you sure?" As he gave me a kiss. "Yes." I whispered as i wined a bit at his kiss. He grinned and we made to base. "Ah there you are." Fury said as we sat down "Since you've you know the team it's time to train you so you will go against Natasha." I became very weak and looked at Natasha that was smirking.

        "But can I fight Clint or Dawn?" It was too late Fury had left the room and Natasha started to charge at me tackling me down. I kicked her knee and then hit her causing her to go away from me. She shook her head trying to concrete then started to throw punches at me; she started to get frustrated because I kept dodging them. The fight had got to out of control Natasha really wanted to kill me like for reals wanted to.

          After everyone got her off of me I felt so much rage and pain that I screamed grabbing my hair. I didn’t know what was happening. It’s like I had no control over my body like someone else did. I had no idea what happened as I woke up in Bruce’s lab with Clint next to me “What happened?” I rubbed my head so confused. “You kinda screamed your lungs out...and a huge hawk thing formed from you…” A what? “That’s strange sorry guys.”

          “Well, I found it pretty cool.” Clint smiled then Bruce agreed “So did I.” Bruce was attaching some wires to me to find out what happened “It was amazing.” I smiled “Yeah I guess my brother was right.” Clint was in his thinking mode I guess “I wonder what else you can do…” “Hopefully a lot more, it’ll be good for you.” I sleeked my hand in Clint’s and he held mine softly. I looked up at Clint ‘errrr why does he have to be so tall?’ “Any idea why it happened though? The hawk forming thing?”

        I thought about it “Well I think it was cause by my rage and pain.” Clint laughed “I think it all obvious that we’re no longer friends with Tasha.” Bruce smirked at me “Yeah but you kicked her ass pretty well.” I didn’t say anything just stood silent not smiling and felt so bad. I had heard Bruce gasp at the results “Uh, Something wrong there, Bruce?” He nodded “We need to go visit an old friend.” Clint was worried “Okay…who?” Bruce turned to me “Hank he works with mutants he can find out your powers.”