Anything for you || Tenya Iida

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a/n: i stan soft iida, he deserves more love smh


I yawned and grimaced at the disgusting smell in front of me, I gagged and pulled away. Recovery Girl chuckled and looked over at Iida who was sitting beside me with a concerned face. "See, I told you that your girlfriend would wake up fine." Recovery Girl smiled at me and then sat down back at her desk, "Since you're the one who wanted her awake, you can take care of her. Just make sure she doesn't faint and if she feels sick, bring her here. She's good to go though, she might feel a little light headed when she walks around at first so hold onto her." She winked at Iida who was completely oblivious to that but nodded. Iida's arm snaked around my waist and he helped me stand up. I was still taking in the situation as we left Recovery Girl's office and headed back towards class, Iida was holding onto me tightly but making sure not to hurt me.

I smiled lightly at him, I had gotten hit in the head pretty hard by Kirishima in training on accident. "Thanks love." I whispered to him, my head was pounding but it was slowly subsiding. He just stayed quiet which concerned me, I poked his cheek and pouted. "Iida, don't blame yourself again." I whined, he just sighed and then nodded. Whenever I got hurt he had the tendencies to shut me out while taking care of me and blame himself, I knew this by now and I couldn't help but feel bad as well.

The tall door to the 1-A classroom came into view, "Sorry, you know how I get when you get hurt. I promise to take care of you until you feel better though, you're still hurting." I nodded and watched Uraraka hurry to open the door. "Thank you Uraraka, Recovery Girl said she was fine but she might faint so we need to keep an eye on her." Uraraka nodded and helped Iida take me towards my desk, I honestly felt like royalty and instead of pushing it away I decided to embrace it. 

Iida asked me if I felt sleepy or if I needed to walk around throughout the day, making me gush at how caring he was. Iida would make a great hero, that was obvious. I honestly felt perfectly normal, I completely recovered from my slight dizziness and my headache. That didn't stop Iida from helping me to lunch and getting my plate, picking out my favorites because he knew them by heart. He even tried to feed me one time, which I retorted by asking him if he wanted me to feed him. He got flustered and caved in, letting me eat myself. Flustering Iida was a simple task and it was adorable when his cheeks got all red and he stuttered, it was just so surprising that I could make his strong composter falter with a pick-up line. 

 Eventually, the day ended and Iida insisted I stay with him, just in case something happened. I didn't object and ended up walking home with him. I watched Iida close his shoe locker and adjust my bag on his shoulder, taking his place next to me and holding my hand so we can start walking. I leaned against his arm and pouted, "Carry me?" I whined. He chuckled and pushed his glasses up, moving our bags so that they were in his hands instead. I got onto his back and leaned my head onto his back, a satisfied smile on my face. 

It didn't take long to reach his house, his brother greeted us and teased Iida a bit before letting us go to his room. "I'll be sleeping on an air mattress, you can have my bed." Iida said as he handed me a t-shirt of his, I was just using a pair of shorts I brought in my bag. I took the t-shirt and crossed my arms, "What's wrong?" He asked and his face grew concerned.

I sighed and walked towards the bathroom, "I-I don't want you to leave me." I muttered quietly. Iida smiled as I closed the door and changed, he was hoping I would say something like that because he wanted to cuddle with me as well. Once I finished, Iida informed me we could share his bed and I did a little happy dance which resulted in him saying I shouldn't be moving so much. After dinner, where Iida explained three times to his brother what happened, he brought me back up to his room and helped me into the bed. 

He got in the bed next to me, it was dark but I could still make out his features. "I want you to know, I would never leave you." He whispered to me and I cuddled into his chest, feeling his arms hesitantly wrapping around my waist again. "I love you." He placed a kiss on the top of my head and I let sleep take over. 


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