Day one. Episode 1/5

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Welcome to the first ever Sonic Love island! This is where mobians. The different islanders can come in for many things, Love, Friendships or this big cash prize of £50,000!

/narrator in bold/

Life can be dull...
Life can be boring...
Day after day, it's just the same old routine. 
But for the chosen few everything is about to change.
Eleven islanders are on their way to find love...
But some won't be reviving what they hope to be.

The villa is equipped with everything these islanders will need throughout their stay.
A luxury pool, a fire pit and an absolute holiday essential- a communal bedroom.
#welcometoparadise #gameon

Two of our ukes have arrived in perfect timing wit each other. A silver hedgehog waves toward another, royal blue hedgehog.

"Hey! I'm sonic" the blue one said.
"Hey, I'm Silver, is so nice to meet you" the other replied. "how are you?" The blue one asks "I'm great" he got as a reply "we're going to eat ourselves a man who's not only on love island but is fit too" the silver one said

Another uke walks in as they finish speaking.

"Hi. My names Tails" a smaller yellow fox said softly. He trotted towards a delicate blue hedgehog and embraces him warmly. "I'm so happy to meet you both!"

"So Tails, what type of person are you looking for in here?" Sonic asked. "I don't really have a type on paper. I like to be surprised." He got as a reply. "But he has to be fun. It has to be someone who I can have a laugh wit eve if we're just sat on the sofa and watching tv." he added. "Yeah. I absolutely agree" Silver added. "What about you sonic?" Tails asked. "I'm here to find love" he answered "exactly!" The Silver one exclaimed. "That's what it's all about, new beginnings. ". "Well don't forget to enjoy yourself too" Tails said.

"I've just come out of an intense breakup. I need a fresh start" Silver said. "What happened?" Sonic asked. "Well I realised he was cheating on me with his personal trainer and..." Tails raised his eyes at sonic "oh. Check It out! Another uke!" Silver pointed from across the lawn. "Hey! I'm manic" a spiked green hedgehog said.

Manic walks eagerly across the lawn as his quills sway before he embraces each of them before following with "We're all looking for love right?" "Yeah of course that's the aim of the game!" Tails said. "We were just talking about it and we all said the same."

He's cut of by the sound of a jeep pulling up outside. "Hey guys I'm gadget" a red wolf says, striding across the lawn and looking at everyone in turn. His gaze seems to stay and linger on sonic longer than anyone else. "I want to know all of you!" He exclaimed.

For a few minutes manic barrages everyone with questions as Silver pours everyone some champagne.

"So then I found the wedding ring so I had to chuck him" rookie finishes a story. "Wow. Silver said he just came out of a bad break up too.." Tails said. "He broke up with you right?" "No that's not how it happened! Wasn't anyone listening?!" "Sorry..." Sonic said "it was his personal trainer!" "Come on guys were only just getting to know each other" manic said. "Hmph.." Silver said.

"Anyways what's your mans ideal body type sonic?" Gadget asked. "I love tall dark an handsome. Just someone who is humble and has good pride in themselves." "Ooo Yeah. I could go for a bit of that" gadget said. "What about personality?" He asked "a lads lad by us also quite, romantic and thoughtful" "I know what you mean" Tails said.

The conversation continues till main street phone beeps. "Oh? What's this? I get the first one?! Awesome!!" He clears his throat. "Guys! I got a text!" He laughs "I've been looking forward to saying that!" He says.

/text is underlined/

Hello ukes. Welcome to love island. Please hater around the lawn. It's time to brin in the semes.
#thewaitisover #semeparade

"Amazing!" Rookie says. "Finally" manic says.

They all gather on the lawn and look towards the entrance. The villa door bursts open.

A black and turquoise striped hedgehog wit no mouth enters "What's goin on guys. I'm Mephiles." He stands with his shoulders squared and his hands clasped together. For a moment he doesn't move. "Little nervous there?" Gadget asked. "No! Just overwhelmed with all these beautiful people" he replied. "Umm hey. I'm Shadow" a black and red striped hedgehog enters. He steps forward, radiating with slight confidence. He looks over towards sonic and smiles. "Hey" He said with a smirk. Receiving a smile back. He stands next to the other boy. The next boy is close behind. "Hey everyone I'm fang" he throws a few cheeky winks to the ukes.

"See anyone you like yet?" Tails said, leaning over to sonic. "Not telling!" He squeaks. "Fair enough" Tails said. "Wonder whose next.." just in time another seme walks out. "Wow everyone is fit" a Dark jackal said. "I'm zero by the way." He walls over to the others. Another boy walks in a green hedgehog. "Hey I'm scourge. You all are fit." He said, immediately eyeing up two of the hedgehog. He walks over to the other boys. "Five Of each. Is that all?" In response to her question the door opens again. Another boy walking out. A red echidna. "Hey I'm Knuckles the echidna. He walks with confidence over to the other semes.

"So five ukes and six semes?" Shadow asked. "That's never a good thing" Silver said in response. Almost in timing. Tails' phone beeps.

Islanders you have rest of the day to get to know each other. You have till sunset where you will be coupling up at sunset around the fire pit. Ukes choose.

Whoever seme who doesn't eat couples with will be dumped form the island immediately.

#getonthegraft #returnticket #ukesontop

All the ukes share a grin.

"Okay" shadow said. There's an awkward moment as the two groups eye each other up. "Let's crack on then lads" knuckles said.

Coming up next on love island

Knuckles gets busy in the bedroom.

"Yeah they are really bouncy. Love it"-Knuckles.

Zero runs up fang the wrong way.

"I'll wind you so hard you'll think your a clock"-zero

And one of the semes will be dumped from the island.

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