Let's be serious here || Denki Kaminari

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a/n: just a warning, after this extremely short chapter there's a load of angst and like three soft chapters. you've been warned.


I decided that training with Kirishima wouldn't be as bad as everyone said it was, I was behind physically and I needed a tough person to train me so why not go to him? Well, I made the mistake of telling him I needed intense training and he told me that I should drink an energy drink so I could make it through. I did drink it, what I didn't know is that even after I finished my training I would be drinking them. It was now five in the morning and I haven't slept, it's Monday and I have to go down and have breakfast in an hour. I was laying on my bed, muttering stuff about new moves and badass things I could scream before attacking. I haven't left my room since Friday night when I finished training with Kirishima, I also haven't slept since then and there are empty energy drink cans covering my floor.

My dorm door creaked open, making me sit up like a robot and then lay back down when I realized it was just my boyfriend. "Hi, Kami. I'm gonna burn this room down with me in it, live out my remaining days as a shrieking ghost." I folded my hands on top of my stomach and heard the door shut, it was also pitch black in my room. I'm pretty sure I wasn't human anymore, the lights hurt my head though. My headaches were probably from the fact that I had been through intense training with zero sleep after, just sitting on my bed and thinking about running for president.

Denki walked over to me after flicking on a light, watching me hiss in pain and squirm around like a vampire in sunlight. "You don't need me to, like, call your mommy?" He asked and sat down on the floor, it was probably good he sat down on the floor instead of my bed because I was flailing myself around. I looked over at him and grabbed his face, studying his features. "At least you haven't forgotten who I am. Why did you drink so many energy drinks in one sitting? I knew I should've trained with you and Kirishima instead." He sighed and grabbed my wrists, pulling my hands away from his face.

I pouted and scanned over him, "I can't sleep no matter how tired I am, Kami." I whined and rolled off my bed onto his lap. He patted my head and sighed, shaking his head at me. "A-Ah, don't scold me!" I shouted and hid my face in my hands, hearing him chuckle and cover my hands in kisses. He once again pulled my hands away from my face and kissed my forehead, earning another whine from me.

Denki often did stuff like that, he loved being affectionate and I loved it too. "I'm going to take you to my dorm and you're gonna sleep for today, alright?" He asked and scooped me up, earning a squeal from me. "Don't worry, I'll be there too!" He opened my dorm door and turned off the lights, his room was in the left-wing since we got separated from the boys but I didn't mind being carried by him. Maybe if he was by my side then I could find some peace and sleep, I doubt that was possible because of how many cans were on my floor but I guess I'll find out soon.


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