I'll protect you || Hanta Sero

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a/n: i know halloween is two months away but what's the harm in celebrating early


I groaned as I clutched onto the handle next to me, my hand also holding on to Sero's hand tightly. Bakugou was not only a very angry driver, he also makes up his own rules and I'm pretty sure we've gone off the road at least eight times already. We were on our way to some haunted house Kaminari wouldn't shut up about, hell, watch ghostbusters once with him and suddenly you're on a three hour road trip in Bakugou mom's mini-van to an abandoned house. Sero laughed as we flew over another bump, at least someone was enjoying themselves. I heard Mina grunt and rub her head, earlier Mina announced very loudly that handles were for pussy's and she would take it like a true man.

My face got squished into the window and Sero pushed against me, making little kissy faces. I  swatted him away with my hand, the whole trip Sero has been teasing me about how scared I was. I was more scared of Bakugou's terrible driving then the house, Kirishima scolded Bakugou as he folded up the wrinkle map Kaminari gave him earlier. Somehow, Kaminari had passed out in the back of the car and had been sleeping this whole time. The car came to a stop in front of a burnt down looking building, Kaminari shot up. Really? He wakes up at a slight weight change in the car but not when we go flying off the edge of the fucking road?

The second we got out of the car, I gave the ground a hug. "We're here already, sick! I say we break up into groups and go off, Mina you're with me!" Kaminari smiled brightly ignoring Sero kneeling down next to me and laughing. I sat up and smacked Sero lightly, turning towards Kaminari and raising a brow.

Sero helped me up and I crossed my arms, "Hell no, are you serious? You do know that's how everyone dies in horror movies, I don't plan on dying in some sad excuse for a building." I scoffed and earned another laugh from Sero. Kirishima threw an arm around Bakugou and started dragging him towards the building, everyone else following behind him. I sighed and raced after them, maybe Bakugou's driving would be better than this.

We took a turn down a hallway into some sort of main room, Kirishima split us up and gave us hallways to go down. The groups were two by two, Mina and Kami, Bakugou and Kirishima, and then me and Sero. Sero stuffed his hands into his pocket as headed off into the darkness, "You know I heard they do witches and shit up here." Sero teased. I glared at him and held on to the flashlight, if whatever demon was in this building didn't kill Sero then I would myself.

I jumped at the creaking of one of the doors Sero pushed open, dropping the flashlight and gripping onto my shirt tightly. I was fit for this kind of experience but there was no way in hell I was letting Kaminari take my boyfriend to some murderous house and get him killed so I decided to go with. Sero picked up the flashlight and walked over to me, pulling my chin up to look at him. "Hey, just breathe. It's alright, I'm right here." He whispered to me, I threw my arms around him and hugged onto him tightly. "You know you didn't have to come if you didn't want to." He chuckled and traced drawings into my back with his index finger.

I took in a shaky breath and shook my head, "I'm fine, I'm fine." I muttered and stepped away from him but snatched his hand and held onto it tightly. "There's no way I was sending you off to get murdered, don't underestimate me." I teased, feeling a little more at ease with him by me. He smiled and shook his head, giving my hand a squeeze. After walking around and exploring the bottom floor for a bit, we decided to head back and wait for the others to finish. Kirishima and Bakugou were the next people to join us, Bakugou had an unamused look on his face and Kirishima was laughing his ass off.

Kirishima began explaining what happened while we waited for Mina and Denki to come down, "and-and then Bakugou fell on the floor! I'm pretty sure he pissed his pants!" Kirishima wheezed while Bakugou slumped in the corner. The loud scream from above us cut off Kirishima laughing, Mina and Denki came running out and flailing their arms around. They were shouting about some ghost they saw while they booked it out of the building, so much for not leaving anyone behind. Bakugou didn't hesitate to grab Kirishima and my wrist to drag us out after the two. I was holding onto Sero's hand to he was also being dragged with us.

Once we got out, it turned into a laughing mess between Kirishima, me, and Sero. Mina and Denki were cradling each other in front of Bakugou who was yelling at them, I finally caught my breath and waited for Sero to calm down as well. The laughing fit in between us three stopped and we got back on the road, Bakugou was muttering stuff in annoyance the whole ride back. Sero draped his arm around my shoulder and I leaned my head against his, "I think we handled that with dignity." He said proudly earning a scoff from Bakugou who took another sharp turn.


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