Chapter 45

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Hiya! How's it going?!

I feel bad now. I forgot about Kosmo ;-;.

Our favorite puppy is now at the house with them!



"Will you come with me to take Georgia to the doctors?" Keith asked into the phone.

"Of course!" Veronica answered. "Is everything okay?"

"I think she just caught something while we were in Florida. But Lance has a job interview so he can't go with us. Not just that but I think Georgia would like to see her aunt again." Keith mumbled.

"How's this?" Lance said walking into the living room. (Look at picture above.)

Keith stopped and looked Lance up and down.

"Babe." Lance said interrupting Keith's looking.

Keith blushed and went back to talking to Veronica, letting her know the time of the appointment and when he would pick her up.

Lance chuckled making Georgia glance up at her father.

"Dadada." Georgia whined.

Keith hung up and picked Georgia up. It's a good thing Lance didn't because as soon as she was up she ended up puking on Keith's shoulder.

Georgia started to cry as her stomach started to upset her.

"It's a good thing the doctors appointment is today." Lance said rubbing Georgia's back gently.

"Yes it is." Keith mumbled. He was exhausted. The puking started during their first night home, as you could imagine she was up all night crying.

"Shit. I have to go." Lance said. "I'll see you in a bit. Let me know how it goes!"

"I will." Keith said giving his soulmate a quick kiss as he walked out the door.

"Now let's get cleaned up and go see aunt V."


"Hey." Veronica smiled getting in the car.

"Hey." Keith replied and pulled out of the driveway.

Veronica looked back to see Georgia sleeping in her carseat.

"Wow. She's out."

"Thankfully." Keith sighed. "The poor girl didn't get much sleep the other night."

"Think it's a stomach bug?" Veronica questioned.

"I'm hoping it is. Nothing worse." Keith answered. "But I have heard babies do fever and throw up when their teeth start growing in."

"Are her gums read and swollen?" Veronica asked.

"Yes they are." Keith said and then realized that was probably it. "Oh my gosh. Why didn't I think of her teeth?"

"You've never had a baby before." Veronica spoke. "It's probably best you take her to the doctors. Better go and it not be to serious than not going and it being really serious."

"You're right." Keith said.

They arrived at the doctors quickly.

"Could you grab her diaper bag?" Keith asked Veronica.

"Of course." Veronica said and grabbed the bag.

Keith grabbed the carseat. He shut the door and locked the car.

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