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In that moment, Gracie
didn't know to feel

She felt embarrassed,
violated and most importantly

She remembered
politely asking Nick to move
and she got up and left the shop

Granted, Zion was kick on her heel
but in that moment she
just couldn't care less

"Gracie, wait please"  he yells
and Gracie stops before turning around

"What? Zion? What's left to say?"
she says

"I just want to-" she interrupts him

"To say i'm sorry, I like you,
She doesn't mean anything to me I swear"
She says mockingly

Zion hangs his head in shame

"Does that sum up what you were
going to say?" She asks him

"Gracie listen..." he says grabbing
her arm

"Look Zion, truth is you don't
owe me loyalty.
I'm not your girlfriend" she begins

"But what I have a problem
with, is that you called me
every single day before you left"

"You had so many chances to tell
me but you continued to lie to
my face over and over again" she

"Gracie I'm sorry" he says

"It's fine Zion, now you're
free to do whatever you want"
she says bluntly

"No Gracie please..." he says desperately

"Just tell me one thing, were
you ever going to tell me?"
she asks him and when he
hung his head in shame

That's when she knew

She scoffs and then turns around
and walks to her car

And that's when Zion knew
that he fucked up

Zion realising that it would probably be best to leave Graciealone

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Zion realising that it would
probably be best to leave Gracie

Storms back into the store,
he grabs Octavia by the arm and
spins her around so that she faces

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