Entangled fate

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The destiny of man is full of hope.
Conquering mounty setbacks all the time.
Our dreams are intertwined in thorny ropes,
That our valiant soul so badly wants to climb .

The piercing spikes dig into hands,
Leaving them bleed like rainy drops.
And patience flows through bones like sand.
Causing the sound of spurious hopes.

Few steps away from loosing sanity.
Absorbing all the pain and cold.
And like a rose, the blooming destiny
Is turning into Dust and Gold.

They're gone with wind for endless roam.
Until they find the place to fall from sky.
They built a solid fortress they call home.
Hoping to grow into the ground and never fly.

Fall down like a fool.
Get up again.
The main rule for one to deal with pain.

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