|Arc 1| Chapter Fifteen.

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Whatever you read in the last chapter doesn't count lol, I had written that chapter and discarded it and this is the one I actually wanted posted. Sorry...I've been kinda out of it lately.

"August is here?" Asks Rosemary.

"Yeah he's on the boys half of the room settling in. Do you-"

"I have to get dressed!" Exclaims Rose almost immediately running into the bathroom.

"What's up with her?" Asks Nashi, who had just finished getting dressed. There was a bonfire on the beach today so she was wearing a blue and gold crop top with some shorts that went above the knee.

"August is here so she's freaking out." Says Reiki.

"Oh? Are they dating?" Asks Rosemary.

"Not yet," Speaks Who Nashi assumes to be August, since she didn't recognize him.

"Woah, you look just like Luke!" Says Nashi surprised.

"Luke?" August asks confused. "My twin brother." She Answers Just as he comes into the Room. "What are you wearing?" He Asks and Nashi rolls her eyes. "A shirt and shorts."

"Yeah a very short shirt and shorts, take it off." "Your not my dad, and it's not so no way." She answers, turning away.

"Let the girl wear what she wants. She looks hot anyway." Says Storm with his usual smirk.

"Yeah, yeah stop flirting," August Says to Storm before turning to Luke and Nashi.

"I never met you two before? What's your names?" He asks.

"This pink headed idiot is Nashi and I'm Luke!" Luke Answers for her causing her to hit him across the head.

"We Look alike." Says both August and Luke at the same time.

"We already established that, now come on, let's go upstairs for breakfast." Says Ryuuji, after the boys looked at eachother in awe for about two minutes.

The only people awake right now were Luke, Nashi, August, Ryuuji, Reiki, and Storm, including Rosemary, but she was busy getting dressed.

The small group of friends went downstairs for breakfast, where only Natsu and Lucy were awake, with August's parents Mavis and Zeref.

"It's nice to see you again little brother. You too Lucy." Zeref says. "This is my wife Mavis." Says Zeref.

"Nice to meet you," Lucy shakes her her hand. "You too." Says Mavis smiling.

"Do you mind if I steal my little brother for awhile?" Asks Zeref. "It's fine, you can keep him."

"You wanna get rid of me?" Natsu puts a hand on his chest playfully. Lucy pushes him a little. "Bye!" Lucy smiles as him and Zeref Leave.

"Hm, I guess we can get to know each other." Says Mavis and Lucy nods as the two of them begin talking.

"Natsu...now that I'm seeing Lucy's kids and you at the same time, You guys look alike."

"Coincidence." Natsu Calls.

"I don't think so. How many people do you meet with pink hair like yours? Along with that August and Luke look alike."

"What are you getting at here?" Natsu Asks Zeref.

Zeref sighs. "I'm gonna talk to Lucy about getting a DNA test done."

"A DNA test? Go ahead. Zeref, I'm not the father of her children, although I'm willing to become the adoptive father is she allows me to."

"Plus...wouldn't it be weird if I actually was the father?" Zeref sighs. "There's only one way to find out."

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