Chapter 1 (Introduction)

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The sea is calm, the wind is calm, the seagulls are screaming as annoying as ever, and there is a ship in sight.

Our view jumps on board and hears music being played. 

A tune trying to be formal with the men playing looking very bored. They have what looks to be fine serving uniforms of sort, their hair is false, they wear a wig to look ok. Not vert impressive to say the least. 

In front of them sits three guests who seem fairly bored. 

One of the men seems extremely unhappy.

Man: urgh, this food is completely unedible, in all my years i can't remember eating anything so disgusting. 

Two new servants serves them a big fried chicken. Though very appealing for the normal man to eat, it looks disgusting to the three guests. 

The other man: i agree Harvey, this is the single worst trip i have ever experienced. 

Woman: now now boys, it could have been worse. 

The woman is dressed in a cyan coloured dress, not much beautiful looking to anyone else. 

The ship is of quite the size, it seems peaceful as well as the crew are lazy and hates their job. 

However, in the distant fog, there seems to be preparations for something. 

The sails are roled down, men are running around while being quiet as the sea, lastly rows of cannons are exposed on it's starboard side. Up in the top, a flag is hoisted up to show who they are. 

Back on the other ship.

The first man yawns with a cup of tea in his hand. He is not impressed by the ship he is on. Then he looks behind himself and sees something in the fog. 

Man: what is that? 

He tries to make out what it is he sees, but it is too far away for him to see. However, it seems to be coming closer.

Man: hey Benjamin! come here. 

The other man comes over to Harvey.

Benjamin: what is it Harvey?

Harvey: look there, what is that?

Benjamin however fails as well to see what it is. Until he sees a flag on the top. 

Benjamin: look up there, what flag is that? 

The two fails to recognise the flag before they see something coming towards them even faster, until it hits the bass of one of the music players. 

Harvey: what is happening? 

The woman comes over and with a lazy look says: uh, we're under attack. 

What hit them was a cannonball, then comes another one and destroys the top mast, sending masses of wood splinters on deck. 

Harvey takes up a telescope and looks at the ship to see who it is. 

His sight improves a tiny bit, but what he sees frightens the man, there he sees on the helm is a guy with a black trench coat, a pirate hat, but also a feared smirk. It is none other than the man that is feared on the seas.

Harvey: oh godness! It's Captain Nate! 

This causes panick among the crew, many try to hide underneath the upper deck, others just run around while hoping it will help. 

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