chapter 1

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N pov.
"Sir, project number 25 as been contained. He is still very violent" A soldier said. The commander growled in frustration. "What do I have to do to get him under control" He said.
"Infinite and eclipse don't act like this" The soldier said.

Suddenly, red lights started to flashing and alarms started blaring. Project number 25 as escaped all systems are in lockdown. The computer said. Soldiers were getting killed and infinite and eclipse were getting angry. A shadow slithered by there doors. A sharp tail wacked the control panel and the doors opened. They were greeted by a black and red naga.
"If you want to live you will do has I say"he hissed. They nodded.
"I have to get to the nursery" He said.
"Why" Eclipse asked.
"My little sister is there" He said. They slithered through the halls and made it to the nursery. They saw a little blond girl naga with blue eyes in a cage.
"I want to see my brother now!" She yelled.
"Shut up you little rat eater!"a soldier kicked the side of the cage. Shadow slithered through the door and wrapped the soldier in his tail. He then constricted the soldier and it killed him. "Let's get outta here" He said.

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