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for the first time in a while zak felt hungry when he had woken up late at night.

he didn't know why his stomach decided to ask for food when he had no appetite at all. zak whined, but walked to the kitchen anyways. he checked his whole kitchen only to find an empty fridge and empty cabinets. he checked his phone to discover that it was 3 am, but he couldn't order anything online at that hour.

he sighed. was he supposed to eat air for dinner and breakfast?

he rubbed his eyes and he just stood still. he felt the atmosphere unfamiliar and different than he remembered. when was the last time he got out of his room? he was always too tired to even notice, only staring at his phone and computer for the longest time. avoiding people that would yell at him and hurt him again.

before this, he really thought he was happy. that people actually liked him and cared about him. but he was deeply wrong, finding that people really just thought of him as an obnoxious and annoying human.

damn, his stomach wasn't hungry anymore. he really did walk to the kitchen for nothing. he shrugged and decided to retreat back to his room and lay on his bed.

and just as he was about to close his eyes, the phone started vibrating from notifications.

"what now, can't you see i need to sleep?" he quietly groaned as he opened up the notifications, and sat up quickly from his bed.

〈 darryl 😳💕

Mon, Jul 22, 5:23 PM


stupid muffin just


Today 3:14 am

oh my goodness SKEPPY!!




zak was so confused, what was darryl on about?

he moved to his computer and immediately got online on teamspeak.

you have-

"hello? skeppy?"

"h-hello" zak's voice was so soft and quiet he couldn't hear himself.

"what? can you speak- nevermind just get on my server," darryl demanded.

"o-ok" zak's anxiety peeked over his shoulder. "i'm in, what happened?"

"you know what happened, skeppy," darryl said. "you need to fix this."

zak looked around and saw lava and skeppy heads all around the server. he hadn't logged onto the server in a week and he was really upset with the fact someone would try to be him.

"but i didn't do it, darryl," zak was really serious as he continued, "in fact, i was banned from your server"

he felt confident enough in his answer, but was suddenly crushed.

"who else would it be, skeppy? you're the only one who trolls me," darryl said with venom in his voice. "i trust my staff enough and you're the only person i previously opped that would do something like this."

could your heart be hurt even more after a series of self hatred? that's what zak felt at least. he felt the strong blame on his shoulders as he decided to speak up.

"i didn't, i didn't do it. and i don't have a backup. i am sorry." zak was at the verge of tears. he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"no, skeppy. i am not going to fall for your troll," darryl spit angrily. "you are going to fix this. right now. or i will come to your house and personally force you to fix my server.

"i don't have a backup, i told you. i don't know who did this. please darryl trust me!" zak had started to sob quietly as he tried to use commands to fix it but he couldn't do anything.

"what is wrong with you lately? you haven't been yourself," darryl's voice soften when he heard zak's quiet sobs. "okay, i had enough. i'm going to come to your house."

"no, wait. i'll fix it! i'll fix it, don't worry." zak sounded panicked as he tried the commands again.

"i'm coming muffin, don't go to bed, ok?" darryl sounded more soft towards zak as he got ready to disconnect.




i'm hating this ff so much i might rewrite jsjdj

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