Duel of the Droids

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Narrator: Missing in action. Anakin Skywalker's and Zane Torrellas heroic Droid navigators, R2-D2 and R2-DT, we're lost in battle. When a desperate search fails to locate R2 and DT, Anakin is forced to take on a new navigator, R3-S6. Now, the Jedi embark on a dangerous new mission to find a secret enemy listening post. Meanwhile, R2-D2 and R2-DT have fallen into the hands of a vile droid smuggler and is on his way to General Wade Dooku, who will surely plunder the Republic secrets hidden within them.

Smuggler Ship No POV

Alien: I am entering your orbit now, General. I will be at you station shortly. And, General...

Wade:<hologram> what is it, Gha Nachkt?

Gha: I prefer to get my reward in cash.

Wade:<hologram> you will get what you earned but if you fail.... well, I already showed you how deadly I am.

Twilight No POV

Anakin, Ahsoka, Zane, R3, Rex, Slash and a group of Clones were exploring the quadrant for that spy base.

Rex: we've searched their supply grid, sir. There is nothing to indicate the presence of an enemy outpost.

R2 managed to cut the inside of the place that he and DT were being held on and sent a signal to the Twilight.

Ahsoka: Master, I'm receiving a strange transmission. I can't seem to make it out, though. Boost the volume, Goldie.

R3:<does the opposite>

Anakin: no, you're losing it.<smacks a button>

They heard a beep that was of R2.

Anakin: that's R2.

Ahsoka; uh, that doesn't sound like R2.

Anakin; it's him. I could never forget that voice. Trace it, Rex.

Rex: sir.

Gha Nachkt found out that it was R2 and zapped him.

Gha: you'd better be worth all this trouble.

Ahsoka: Master, our orders were to find the Separatist listening post.

Anakin: perhaps R2 and DT are at the listening post. Did you consider that?

Zane: we won't give up on our Droids.

Rex: we have a lock on the droid's location, sir.

Anakin: prepare to jump to those coordinates.

Clone: yes, sir.

Zane: where R2 is, DT is also there.

Anakin: hold on, R2, old buddy. We're coming.

Zane: stay safe, DT.

The Twilight jumped to Hyperspace.

Skyloft Station

The scavenger ship was close to the station.

Wade:<hologram> what is it, Gha Nachkt?

Gha: I've arrived. Could you lower your shields?

The scavenger ship landed and Gha Nachkt escorted R2 and DT to Wade. They passed several aliens with screens in front of them of Republic stuff until they were in front of not only Grievous but Wade as well.

Gha: these are the Droids those Jedi came looking for, Generals.

Grievous: what secrets do you two carry, my little friends?

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