A battle between two Dragons and a Solid Script Mage

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Shorter than usual

♤♤3rd Pov♤♤

"Wait...you want us to swim there?" Loke asked, raising an eyebrow. Silver nodded. The contestants look at each other, thinking if he's serious.

Their thoughts were cut off by a mischievous chuckle. They turned to see Natsu standing on the railings with Happy on his back.

"Let's go Happy!" Natsu said. Happy replied with an 'aye'. He gripped his partner color and grew his pearly white wings.

The flew off the ground and the minute Happy went over the railings, they smack into an invisible wall.

"An enchantment?" Cana questioned.

"It won't last long! Only for 5 minutes!" Freed yelled as him and Bickslow fly to the island.

Everyone Gangsta...

Till the hot --possibly gay-- wizard put an enchantment..

((Sorry, not sorry))

"That's cheating!" Gray yelled.

"Gramps! You have to do something!" Gray yelled, now facing the master.

"It's not a race, so it won't kill you." He said simply.

"But if he gets to the island first, we're all screwed!" He exclaimed.

"He can cover the whole place with enchantments." Silver said, an evil smirk crossing his face.

"It's --punch-- soo --smack-- not --punch-- fair!" Natsu said, constantly hitting the rune wall.

"Wait, can't Levy get us out?" Happy asked. In response, Levy hum and took out one of her magic pens.

"Rewriting this will be a piece of cake." She said as the runes began loosening up.

"Nice!" Cana and Lucy exclaimed. Levy turn to them and wink.

"Sorry!" She climbed on the railing and jumped.

"I only wrote this for Gajeel and I!" She said, landing in the water with Gajeel.

"Not cool!" They exclaimed.

♢♢On the Island♢♢

Surprisingly, freed haven't set up any runes, he --along with Bickslow-- just took a path and went on their way.

Levy and Gajeel however....

"Can't we just take a random path and get on with it? I want to punch some guys!" Gajeel said, cracking his knuckles.

"No! What if we take an S-Class wizard route!? We're done for! We'll have to think about our choices!" Levy said, sounding a bit annoyed at the Iron Dragon eagerness to fight.

The male huffed and crossed his arms.

He let his eyes wonder among the different routes before landing on the letter D.

He smirked.

"D is my lucky letter, I'm sure if we take that route, we'll be fine." He said. Levy look up at him uncertain. Okay, so I know route 'D' is actually Erza's path, but I'm just changing it up a little.

"You sure?" She asked.

"Well duh! Don't deny a Dragon's intuition!" He said, already marching down into the path. Levy look doubtful before getting up with a smile.

"Yup! I mean, Y/n's intuition was always right so I'm sure yours must be the same!" She exclaimed, catching up to the Slayer.


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