treinta y ocho | boda

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Translation for Spanish words used in this chapter —

Boda — wedding
Chorizo — spicy and sweet Spanish sausage

Sir Jeon left the prison exactly a week after Jimin's departure.

He came back to the estate to gather up a few things, the remaining funds left in his drawers, and at last, the picture frame of Saraia Jeon, a girl who broke his heart and left it to wither for decades.

Jungkook tried to give him the picture in remembrance of his wife, but the old man only handed it back to his son — adopted son.

"I do not need her anymore, chico," he said, pressing the frame to Jungkook's chest. "I know her too well. It is you who does not know her enough."

They had not embraced in a touching fashion when it was time for Sir Jeon to leave. Like the businessman he was, he shook hands with the man, a curt action Jungkook wished had a little more feeling than he would have liked.

"You see Jungkook," the old man then explained, "I don't deserve your affection. Better keep formalities than uphold shallow relations."

And it was true. Incredibly sad, but true.

But when Sir Jeon took his final steps from the estate and journeyed away from his home, Jungkook felt a presence being missed.

He was the man in charge now. The head of an estate, and a prospering business.

Within the weeks, however, with great help of his amor, the two managed to run both things smoothly. Hoseok and Yoongi ran the more domestic duties of the house, along with being Jungkook's personal musicians, eager to help the couple in any way possible.

Jungkook even invited Taehyung, his now beloved friend, to join him in his estate and be his close second to the dealings of the vineyards. The latter could not believe his ears at first, but hearing the former's insisting on giving him proper shelter had Taehyung hugging the man till he nearly suffocated.

So, everything ran efficiently through the weeks that passed, each man responsible for a certain feature of the house or the business.

Aeri Alvarez assisted, but she had her own personal wishes. She very much wanted to dance again.

She wished to move her body along the music, whether it be a distant guitar tuning from neighbouring houses or the sweet melody Jungkook voiced to put Jihoo to sleep. She said not a word to the former of her wishes, though, and helped him as much as she could.

The flamenco dancer, however, did not need to wait long.

Because one day, when a hard knock on the door had Taehyung running towards the sound to open the gates, Gloria Hernandez greeted the boy and asked if La Amor of Seville resided in this home.

Taehyung nodded, grinning as he called for Aeri. The said woman, after dusting her navy skirts, reached to the door, surprised to see a woman she'd never seen before at her doorstep.

"Señorita," she welcomed, "How may I help you?"

Gloria, although Aeri did not know, stared at the woman, a bit awed and smug. "So Jungkook was talking about you, then."

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