Chapter 8 - Broken

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Jo wakes up with a headache and a heavy heart, she touches her necklace with a sigh and closes her eyes. Last night was rough, but Jake stood by her, being a shoulder to cry on. Being the best big brother she could ever want. She drags herself out of bed for a shower and braids her hair, before getting dressed. She thinks of Dart, but shakes it off and goes downstairs to find Jake. Better keep busy today, feeling sorry for herself is not going to help. She finds Jake behind the bar, with the phone in his hand to order some things for the cafe. She walks up to him and leans into him. He wraps an arm around her and plants a kiss on her hair. He finishes his phone call and looks at her. "How are you today? Did you get some sleep last night?" He already knows the answer, he can clearly see it on her face, but he wants her to know he is there for her. She takes a step back from him, leaning against the bar. "Thank you Jake. For last night, for all the nights and days really. For being the best big brother I never knew I needed. I really wouldn't know what to do without you. I am not sure what I did to deserve you, but I thank God for leading me here."

Jake swallows and catches his breath. This wonderful young woman, that has been through so much, thinks she is the lucky one, while it is clearly the other way around. "Jo, listen to me. I am the lucky one. My life was sad and loveless without you. I finally have someone to protect again, someone to give all this love I have to. You make everything better. And you deserve it all and more. Your love has healed my shattered heart and I'm a better man for it." He looks at the floor, suddenly overwhelmed by his own feelings. Jo moves over to him, spreading her arms and he moves in for a warm hug. She whispers: "I already miss him so much Jake." Jake rubs her back and says: "I know sweetie, I can tell. And I know he feels the same way. He was already missing you last night, before he left. Now sit down at the bar, I will get you some toast and coffee." Jo does as she's told and sits down, playing with the charms on her necklace. Jake sits down next two her, placing two coffee and a plate of buttered toast on the bar. He looks at the necklace and Jo shows it to him. "Well I don't have to ask who gave that to you. A dart and a heart. Everyone will know it's from him." Jo blushes slightly and smiles. "Yeah, I love it."

She drinks her coffee and nibbles on the toast, wondering what Dart is doing. She feels stupid for not asking him, but she was a bit afraid of his answer. Jake walks towards the door and signs for a package, grinning suspiciously. "Jake, you're being sneaky. What are you doing?" "It's a surprise, you will find out soon enough. But I need to fiddle with it first. You stay put okay?" Jake walks into the kitchen, chuckling. Jo gets more curious by the second, keeping her hands busy by drumming on the bar. After a while Jake comes in and hands her a cellphone, like it's the holy grail. "Here you go my lady. The perfect way to communicate with all the new people that love you." She takes the phone from him and looks at the contacts: Big Brother Jake, Dart, Maria and Ronnell. She laughs at the fact that Jake put big brother in front of his name, to make sure he was on top of the list. "Smart move, big brother! You should be on top of that list." The phone beeps in her hand and she looks at Jake, assuming he was the one sending her a message, but he puts his hands up to show it wasn't him. She looks at the message and her heart starts beating faster, it's from Dart. I miss you loads. I sure hope you miss me a little too. Take a look at my Facebook page if you're curious what I am up to. XO She looks up from the phone to tell Jake about it. But Jake says: "Yeah, I already know it's from Dart and that he misses you. I sent him your number. Go on, take some time to test out your new phone and to cyber stalk your man. I understand."

Jo gets up and kisses Jake on the cheek as a thank you, walking up to her room to make some new accounts to follow Dart. She turns the camera to take some selfies and to take a picture of her necklace. She sits down on her bed to think about a good nickname, because just Jo is not going to work. She finally decides to go with curly-sister-Henderson, a way to honor Jake and to stay away from her real name. She creates a Facebook and an Instagram account, using the picture of the charms on her necklace up close as a profile picture, not comfortable to show her face on it yet. She tries to find him on Facebook first. She looks at his page and sees a lot of pictures of him with various pretty women on his arm. She swallows and scrolls back up to the top of the page quickly. She has no right to be jealous, but the pictures feed her insecurities rapidly. The last thing he posted is a video. She clicks on it and hears 'Sharp Dressed Man' playing on the background, seeing Dart posing for pictures in a very sexy suit. She smiles at the screen, thinking he looks very handsome. And then that smile of his, to die for. She decides to reply to it: You look very handsome in that suit. <3

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