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"stay wherever you are vic, he's parked outside of my house right now" aaliyah says and i repeatedly bang my head against the chair i was leaning on in the trunk

"the fuck you mean he's outside why ?!" i yell

"i guess he knew you would either come to my house or deja's so he's parked outside, i'm bout to curse him out, just wanted to let you know before you got caught up"

"bet bet, thanks liyah, be safe"

"always, ayo ! the hell you thought this was ? a hangout ? fuck out my property nigga !" she yells at cyrus

"FUCK !" i yell

"bitch ! you can't just be screaming shit like that, the hell !" edwin yells

"i'm sorry, i'm just stressed as fuck right now man, my life is going downhill by the minute" i shake my head

"what happened now ?" brandon asks

"remember when i told you guys i was supposed to stay at my friends house, well now my crazy ass boyfriend is by her house so i can't even go there, and i can't go to my other friends house because she lives with her parents and they don't even let her have friends over, so living with her isn't even an option" i rant

"so you have no where to live ?" brandon asks

"mhm, i have money though and my boyfriends credit card"

"you can stay with us" he suggests

"nigga ! you can't just be inviting random ass girls up in the crib what the fuck ! what if this is all an act and she really is a crazy ass fan !" edwin complains

"i promise you both i'm not a 'crazy ass fan' guys, if you guys let me, i'll chip in for rent and shit, all i need is a place to stay, please"

"victoria, i promise you, if you play us, somebody gon catch these hands, if its gonna be you then that's what gotta be done !" edwin says sternly making me laugh

"i gotchu, and thank you to the both of you" i smile "and if i'm staying here, nobody can know i do, because the last thing i need is him finding me" "only god knows what he'll do" i mumble the last part

a/n- ya can thank @ASAPBLUE for this because i def wasn't gonna give ya a double update today anyways, how ya doing 🤠

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