thirty; still friends

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C H A P T E R T H I R T Y ;

third person pov;

l a u g h t e r poured out of their mouths in the back of caleb's truck (which belonged to his father), while humid breeze trailed down their necks. for the most part, it was a good night. the lantern festival had ended hours ago, but seven people specifically were still in the parking lot.

sadie was arguing with caleb elsewhere, and although the friends waiting for them could probably cram into finn's car, they stayed incase it didn't go smoothly. they also had an excuse to drink. in their hands were bottles of beer, and fizzy filled cans from a local package store.

"so. i'm practically dying to tell finn and millie this like, one thing," iris leaned in with every word she spoke. she could've gone home with lilia, but she never passed up an opportunity to get wasted.

millie shared a confused glance with finn, and surrounding them, everyone sat with a devilish grin. "my god, can you just tell us?" she relentlessly pleaded, narrowing her eyes in towards the blonde.

"lils, you know what i'm thinking of?" iris slung an arm around her girlfriends shoulder. "perhaps," lilia giggled, her eyes ogling at iris's cherry red lips.

"get a ROOM!" noah yelled, "i'll tell you."

finn took a swig of cold brown liquid, finishing his second drink of the night. "we're wait-"

"WE TRIED TO SET YOU TWO UP!" noah screeched, everyone covered their ears at his outburst. "we had a plan and everything," he whispered the next part though everyone could hear it, "i think it's still in action, we called- call it, the hook up."

"the hook up?" finn and millie scoffed in unison. she bit her tongue to prevent saying anything nasty. she was steaming, her friends still interfered in her relationship with finn. even noah, which made it five times worse since he usually would be the observer.

"that's not what i was gonna tell them," iris chucked a can towards his head without mercy. a loud clank was heard and noah yelped, rubbing the patch of skin she hit on his forehead.

"you're kidding me," millie laughed, "and what do you mean, is there more?"


"no, i don't need to know," millie interrupted, "save the best for later, right?"

finn wiped the beer from his lips, "that's so fucking intruding!" he remarked, his mouth slightly hung open in disgust.

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