Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Authors Note

Okay, This chapter is short but on Microsoft word it was 1,115 words. So, I did my best, =] Promise MY next post will be longer.

“Please don’t do this” The woman pleaded. “I’m sorry, but I have no choice.” I heard my voice. It sounded different. It sounded almost sadistic. “You do have a choice!!” She said trying to help. “You don’t know anything about anything, so just shut up, okay?” I heard, it wasn’t my voice. It was my brother, Ken.

“Dude, seriously. I didn’t sign up for this” I pleaded. “Should have thought about that before your mom married my dad.” He yelled, charging after me with the stainless steel, Knife. I felt the pain and gasped, my eyes opening to a different room.

I sat there for several minutes just trying to catch my breath. “Get down here now!!!” I heard the She-devil yell. I walked down the stairs, to the smell of beer. I didn’t know what kind and I honestly didn’t care.

“Don’t you have school?” She slurred the words. I looked at her like she had two heads. “Mom, School isn’t until the 18th” I said rolling my eyes.

“No back talk” She glared slapping me across the face. I have to admit, It didn’t hurt at all. Was I going to let her know that? Hell no,

“Where’s Liam?” I asked. She gave me a glare. “Oh, I mean ‘daddy” I rolled my eyes. She was in way over her head if she expected me to get along with him, All he ever does is DRINK. I swear, it’s like a never ending beer cavern in there.

I quickly got dressed, walking outside of the door without taking a single glance at my mother.

I slammed the door shut like every other time I leave the house. I was going to walk to meet my friend, Destery, at the park, but I noticed moving boxes being placed outside a slightly big house, with white exterior and a Big grand oak wood door.

Mostly anybody could say it was a nice house. Personally, It just doesn’t seem right.

I slowly walked up the cemented steps leading up to the door way. I, hesitantly, pushed the door bell. Hearing the faint ‘Ding-Dong’ and the muffled voices coming from inside, the door opened slightly.

“Hello.” The woman greeted. “Hello there, I’d just like to welcome you to the neighborhood.” I said warmly. Trust me, I usually was NOT like this.

“Oh, Why thank you, son. We’re just unpacking but I’m sure my daughters would love to meet you.” She said warmly. She seemed like a nice woman.

“Cassey! Daniela!” She called through the rooms of the big house. From the little I could see, The kitchen was placed a few feet away from the door on the left, and the living room was right in front.

A girl, around 18, she was tall and tanned. Her hair cut was completely scene and she almost looked like a model. I mean yeah, she was pretty, but for some reason, defiantly not my type.

“Hello, I’m Cassey” She greeted, extending her arm out. I looked at it. I wasn’t good at accepting people into my life, I’ve always felt just a simple handshake could do that much damage.

“Levent.” I said. “Levent, That is an interesting name” She smiled. “Interesting wouldn’t be how I put it.” I muttered.

“So, you’re our neighbor?” She asked, her eyes filled with hope. “No.” I stated simply. Her face saddened. Quickly. “Oh, that’s to-” I cut her off. “You’re my neighbor” I added. She laughed. “Oh, right” she said.

“So, Levent, Do you want to show me around?” She asked. Crap. This is exactly what I meant about accepting people into my life. I haven’t opened up to anyone in my entire life, if they hit a weak spot, I cover it with sarcasam.

What’s the worst that could happen? I sighed and nodded, putting on a smile to cover my discomfort.

“This is the park.” I muttered pointing out the playground, and the big open grass area. I felt her hand slowly slip into mine. I took my hand out slyly, she didn’t seem to mind to much. “I’ll be right back” She laughed and ran up the steps to the playground’s slide.

She let herself slide down the yellow, curvy plastic. I looked around to make sure the park security wasn’t around and I ran to her. “What are you doing?” I whisper yelled. “I’m sliding down a slide. Duh” She laughed. I rolled my eyes. “Okay then, I’ll go find your mommy” I smirked. “What? Why?” She asked frantically.

“Cause, the sign says 6 years and under, meaning you must be six right? You can’t be out here alone.” I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“But I’m not alone. I’m here with you.” She smiled. “Yeah, maybe I’m just not that good a person to be around.” I said and walked off.

I know it was rude, but my temper can get in the way of things, and I could easily slip up. Even if she wasn’t saying anything offensive, anything could set me off. It was almost impossible not too.

I walked to Hot Topic, also known as, the place I work at.

“Hey Levent.” Anna greeted. “Hello.” I muttered and put on my name tag. “You’re early.” She said tapping the keyboard restlessly. “I’m never early, I just simply moved my shift up, so I could be late” I smirked and went around to the other cash register.

“Well, That makes sense” She laughed. “I just can’t wait to get out of this dump and make something of myself.” I sighed. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I’m pretty sure its not a cashier at a teen store.

“Are you still working during school?” She asked folding a pair of jeans. Anna was the girl that would stay at work all day, and not get paid any more than a half-time worker.

“Probably, I need the money. My car is freaking out again.” I groaned. That’s one of the downers to having a vintage hearse.

“Again? I thought it was running fine.” She said dropping all the unfolded clothes onto the shelf. I don’t blame her, It’s clearance, all the kids were going to ruin the folding anyway. I shrugged, and typed in my name into the computer.

“Is everything alright?” Anna asked randomly. “Fine.” I muttered. She looked at me unconvinced and I gave her a quick, sheepish smile before a customer came up to the counter, her hands filled with various clothes. I sighed.

I scanned everything. “Your total is 312 dollars.” I said. She rolled her eyes and handed me a credit card.

Author’s Note.

Yeah, I don’t know why I ended it with something completely unrelated to the story, but I did, so mmkay. Levent’s personality will show more throughout the story. Thanks for reading.

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